Quiet Riot


by John Mark Stella


What you wear is a reflection of how you feel. Fashion can be used to express your attitude and personality. Today, rebellion is the latest expression of America’s dominating attitude. We feel empowered by our freedom and ability to rebel against social standards.

Collin Kaepernick is the latest display of fashionable rebellion. Fashion’s relation to a political protest characterizes Americans’ need for instant gratification. With fashion, we have the ability to feel that we are contributing to a political cause through our clothes. Colin Kaepernick’s jersey is currently the highest-selling jersey in the NFL, and he’s not even a starter. This reveals the desire that our nation has to rebel against the social standard, which in this case is masked by the political issue of racial inequality. Not only do we recognize rebellion relating to fashion in a political manner, but we also see it relating to fashion in self-expression.

For years, people have dressed according to the traditional gender roles they are labeled with at birth. Recently, fashion has blurred those lines. Hilary Clinton dresses in
way that reflects power and professionalism, a fashion traditionally associated with men. While Jaden Smith, is a male whose fashion choices reflect traditional female attire. This is both a rebellion against traditional social standards as well as a reflection of the growing LGBT community. Although they act sincerely and not firmly rebelliously, celebrities like Caitlyn Jenner help mainstream the concept of gender-blurred fashion. The desire of rebellion against the social standard reflects our concern for a fair depiction of realism.

123  If you were to only have access to social media and television, your understanding of women can be misguided and flawed. A-list celebrities and models do not accurately represent the typical body form. However, plus size actress Melisa McCarthy has answered the cry long awaited by mainstream plus size women. Plus size women have wanted the same style and variety that average size women have always been able to enjoy. Her brand offers current trend fashion that flatters the plus size figure. In a rebellion against false authenticity, plus size models have become one of America’s latest fashion statements. Sports Illustrated brought attention to the topic when they revealed the first plus size model ever to appear on the cover of the Swimsuit Issue. In this respect, fashion reflects a desire to rebel strictly in the sense that we want to rebel against false reality.

In every decade, there is a place that expresses a degree of rebellion and traditionalism as people continue struggling with the part of them that wants to be a part of something bigger than them. When considering the latest fashion trends, rebellion is not a way to destroy tradition norms, but rather it is a way to improve the future through reformation. To fight against racial injustice, restrictive gender roles, and a false depiction of reality are good. It is only rebellious in the since that the fashion contradicts the social norm, even though that norm is flawed.





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Group Gratification


By Meredith Brown


We all know the Beatles lyrics, “I get by with a little help from my friends.” This group mentality has been around since the beginning of time, but tribes have turned into dominating social groups that are constantly seen in the media. People naturally connect with others who share certain ideals or viewpoints. Whether it is a celebrity with a cult following on Instagram, a health-conscious collection of people, or a large group that identifies with a certain ideal, these groups are growing due to their vast media exposure and are affecting current fashion trends.

2 In the past decade, we have witnessed the dawn of social media-made celebrities. People like Cara Delevigne, the members of the Kardashian klan, and Gigi Hadid all take to their smart phones and build their brand in a far-reaching and modern way. Brands have caught onto this group of influencers and capitalized on them through collaborations, sponsored posts, and other marketing techniques. Currently, Puma creative director Rihanna oversaw the new campaign that features Cara Delevigne, Tommy Hilfiger paired with Gigi to design a new collection, and the Kardashians have numerous clothing lines.
The Victoria’s Secret fashion show has elevated its models to celebrity-status and pu5t a spotlight on healthy lifestyles. Health-conscious social group members can be seen sporting the athleisure wear trend while eating high quality h
ealthy and organic food at trendy food trucks. They care about holistic health and to these foodies, eating has gone from a basic need to an art. Many food trucks fuse food from around the world. The blending of cultures has increased and people are
looking outward when they shop in addition to what they eat.

           3 When people connect and form social groups, it is natural that they begin to pick up on habits of fellow group members. But when a person is influenced from inside a group as opposed to outside forces, individuality can be lost and groupthink may occur. Seeing as it is a political season for America, a prime example of this is Trump supporters. These neo-conservatives are 4garnering media attention and positioning themselves in society as the people who do whatever they want, regardless of the consequences. They are seen as the new punk rock. Another large social group with tremendous conforming influence are sorority women. Girls join a sorority based on which group shares the same values, attitudes and lifestyles they have. A sorority is made up of very different personalities, but there tends to be a sorority “uniform”. Across the nation these girls can be seen in XL t-s
hirts in class and in the same styles on the weekend. Many girls express that joining a sorority has made them lose their sense of creativity when it comes to dressing.

From food to politics, social groups have a large influence over mainstream trends. Social media has made it easier for people to connect and groups to form, so keep an eye out for how certain groups can influence us today and tomorrow!



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“We Can Do It!”…

By Amber Six



…Rosie the Riveter appealed to American women in the forties a call to find someone inside of them they just didn’t know was there: a strong, able working woman. It has been almost 80 years since this powerful advertisement surfaced and you wonder if in that time “Can we? Can we actually do it?” Women today are still fighting for their rights to be treated equally with men, to have the same political, legal, social, economic and employment opportunities without the favoring of one sex over another. Like other dominating ideals of the Zeitgeist, gender equality affects fashion in so many ways. One way this topic is showing up in fashion is with the rise in unisex clothing and gender-neutral clothing. This increase has been correlated with rises in the feminist voice, LGBT community and gender equality movements. Another way this is impacting fashion is the pantsuit. Gone are the days when women were expected to wear dresses or skirts to express and stay in touch with their femininity, especially in the workforce.  Women now have the option to wear pants just as men, as seen by presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. So it’s time to put your “big girl pants on” ladies, the pantsuit is here to stay.


As genders continue to be more equal, and women are freer to ease up on appearance, men have to worry about theirs…oh how the tables have turned. This does raise a question, if women can wear pants, can men wear dresses and skirts? Isn’t this equally what gender equality is? Are women getting to “ease up” or are men being limited? Just think about it.

picture4Now as this gender equality battle continues we as a society are turning our attention to fighting something else: staying healthy and fighting aging. In this
day and age we are seeing a more holistic approach to health and wellness, prioritizing staying healthy over just slimming down. There has been a rise in different diets like clean eating, and also in different exercise outlets like yoga and CrossFit. The term and trend
: “athleisure” came as a direct correlation to these ideals. It is now acceptable to wear your workout gear—leggings and workout shoes all day even if you hpicture5aven’t worked out (even if you don’t plan on working out). Now about the age-old battle: youthfulness. Youthfulness has been a dominating ideal manifesting itself even in the place of children’s stories like Snow White. Humans are obsessed with staying young and radiant. Plastic surgery has made this fantasy a reality not just for women but men too. There have even been tests for an anti-aging drug that scientists believe will actually “stop people from growing old” who will live well into their 110s and 120s. Say wut?!

So what exactly does this mean for you?  Nothing, yet everything. It doesn’t mean you have to follow these trends or participate in them but the study of these ideals invites us to appreciate the clothes we wear for the stories they hold.


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Clothes Speak Before You

By Kelly Beall

We all know the phrase, “wearing your heart on your sleeve”, but would you wear your heart on the runway? The Zeitgeist is the “spirit of the times” and is a reflection of, our society’s mood cultural trends. Media coverage of dominating events related to efforts to achieve equality not only influence the way people think and act, but also by what people are wearing. Recently, fashion designers have been influenced by the powerful movements such as the Black Lives Matter movement, female equality and international issues.

A current movement in the United States that is gaining prominence is the Black Lives Matter movement. Support for the movement is showing up in various places in daily life555. Since 2012, after the murder of Trayvon Martin’s, incidences of police brutality, and Collin Kaepernick’s protest against the national anthem, the movement has gained publicity about the fight against racial discrimination and violence toward black people.  The influence protests by the black community on fashion is not a recent thing, this influence dates back the 1960s with the Black Panther party. Today it is visible in the 1970s afro look that Kaepernick himself wears which reflects the image of a Black Panther. The trend has even hit the fashion runways such as the Pyer Moss New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 fashion show which featured quotes on the clothing that referenced the movement.

333Another influence in the fashion world right now is the feminist movement. We have seen this impact through Beyonce’s visual album, Lemonade, which deals with the controversial topic of feminism. Beyoncehas so much impact in fashion and this album may help empower women to dress anyway they like,moving away from the ultra-feminine look and wearing clothing that displays them as powerful figures. Hilary Clinton is an icon notably wearing the pantsuit in her presidential campaign, because what’s more powerful than a pantsuit? We see this inspiration added to many designers’ collections.

An111other dominating event in the world right now is Britain leaving the Eu
ropean Union. What started with the British citizens’ protests against accepting migrants from Africa and the Middle Easthas resulted in Britain leaving the European Union, which has had a major affect on the fashion industry. The pound has dropped, causing exchange rate to weaken, which will help with exporting goods by allowing fashion companies to have more competitive pricing. During the time of voting, British designers integrated their political views into their line and runway shows to make a statement. In Viviane Westwood’s London Men’s Fashion Week show, two men walked the runway wearing shirts that said “IM IN”.

In many cases, your clothes speak before you do. So whether or not you agree or disagree with these political and powerful movements, there is a great possibility without knowing you are a part of these trends. When it comes to personal style, let it be personal and make it about you!


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Pattern Power

By Charlene Liu

It’s September, and you know what that means…it’s time to turn our thoughts to fall fashion! This season, a diverse set of prints and patterns on the runways have been a strong move away from the minimalism of past seasons. For Autumn/Winter 2016/17, designers showed models wearing beautiful flowers, either in the form of one large single flower or in more intricate designs, and an exaggerated sense of drama this season ties all different uses of prints together. From the flash of the 1980s to a classic rock-infused look, the past is still an important reference for fashion designers. Designers are using colorful and brilliant prints to stand out to the younger market, and in the process are reshaping enduring trends with a contemporary twist. As we can see in magazines, on the runway and in stores, there of the prints which are the hottest for this season are animal prints, brocade prints and vintage floral prints.

789 I am so surprised and happy to see that animal prints are coming back strong since they are seasonless in my opinion, like neutrals. Since recent trends have been kind of clean, just adding a touch of animal print with some accessories would be eye-catching and make your whole look become more interesting. And the recent animal prints we’ve seen this season have been livened up with some bright colors and *bling* to create a younger style which has taken place of traditional animal prints. So use animal prints to show off your exotic style.

456From traditional damask wallpaper to tapestry, both interior décor and fashion for fall and winter 2016-2017 use these types of prints as inspiration. The link between fashion and interior décor has been around forever, and this season in fashion, decorative damask, brocade and floral wallpaper printing has merged with the metallic trend. A great historical look comes from prints inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, especially with the use of metal pearly tones has take the look to the next level.

123The last type of print which appear the most frequently are vintage floral prints, which bring back an antique style. Prints feature flowers scattered throughout against a dark background, which sets the florals off through negative spatial effects.

With so much chaos in the world today, are we looking to the past for comfort with an eye to the future in the form of these familiar prints with new twists? Whether in a runway show or on the street, you can see a variety of contrasts of prints, just like the contrasts in our world today. In this season, in order to liven up your fashion you can be a wild thing, take cues from inside the house on your own personal outside, or be as delicate as a flower at night, just choose a print appropriate to your own exclusive style. And don’t be afraid to let you be you!

Spring/Summer 2019 To-Buy List

Jennifer Butler

What did our mothers teach us about grocery shopping? “Always make a list and stick to it.” This is how you make sure you remember the essentials such as milk, bread, and chicken instead of coming home with chocolate, wine, and donuts.  The same thing is true with fashion, every season you should make your list and stick to it, to ensure that you have the essentials to always be in style.


Spring/Summer 2019 inspiration will come from all different places; from the moon and the stars to the streets of Paris and to city looks popularized by the fabulously-aging.  Celestial Awakenings brings out the carefree, nature loving spirit within all of us, with a shopping list that allows us to experience the natural world around us in a simple, effortless way. As we continue to look beyond Mars and escape the city hustle and bustle, Celestial Awakenings will stimulate your inner moonchild. This list allows you to travel from the moon to the stars by wearing dreamy fabrics that range from chiffon to leather.


Delve will allow you to explore the luxurious, artistic style found on the streets of Paris and is inspired by French actress Anouk Aimee.  Delve lets any woman be chic and glamorous by the simple addition of a classic clutch or an embellished jacket.  Whether you’re spending Spring 2019 picnicking under the Eiffel Tower or just picnicking in your own backyard, you will be sure to feel elegant and confident dressed in Delve.


Summer 2019 will also be a season of Advanced Style.  Now I know what you’re thinking, advanced style? That’s just a fancy way of saying old. Wrong. It actually means you’re wiser than everyone else when it comes to what is in style. So if you want to be advanced on the trends of Summer 2019, you will go buy big, bold prints, and bright colors.  These looks will stop traffic in a good way and with a confident walk and some daring accessories; you’ll look as if you know something no one else does.

So what’s on your shopping list if you are looking for a more celestial-inspired look? You should invest in a chiffon dress that will remind you of that flowy and carefree vibe you’re looking for.  I would also pick up a pair of barefoot sandals to help you connect with Mother Nature by feeling the grass right underneath you. If you are more daring and want a more unique look like Advanced Style, I would pick up some abstract separates and a citrus dress. These bold prints and unique lines will help you stand out in a good way in the Summer of 2019.  And lastly,

if you want a softer, European inspired look, Delve into a collage-print silk scarf or some tailored separates.  Pair these together and you’ll look as chic as a model walking the streets of Paris. No matter what look you’re aiming for, be sure to have your Spring/Summer 2019 to-buy list ready.




Pattern Play

Madi Allen

1Pattern and textiles — the building blocks our clothes are built from. How clothes feel, how they fall and drape and what is printed on them all center on fabric choice. Spring/summer 2019 will be marked with plenty of silk, cotton, linen and leather. These textiles can be worn head-to-toe, or one of each. Patterns will range from simple geometric lines to wild florals based on the work of British artist William Morris. Predicted fashion Zeitgeists of the season help us navigate these patterns and textiles.

Drops of water fall onto the ground, the roof and the windows. “Plop… plop… plop…”  A car splashes through a puddle as people shuffle inside, huddled beneath their umbrellas. You look at the weather app on your phone and read the forecast, “Inclement,” it says. The season will be characterized by clothes reminiscent of this rainy day. Liquid-like silks embody the look of a blanket of rain on the harsh pavement. These silks may feature prints, such as a grid design or drippy water colors. Soft cotton knits made with artisanal yarns that will last for seasons to come will create dimension without rendering the garment unwearable in warmer weather. In addition to silk & knitwear, leather accents in both bold and neutral colors bring much needed structure and strength to a rather soft season otherwise.

In contrast to this rainy day, the resorts of Southern California provide inspiration for the second look of the season, Bountiful Botanicals. It’s easy to draw inspiration from not only the relaxed, luxurious SoCal lifestyle, but also the ocean, palms and terracotta housing. Vitamin C is all is all that’s missing from this resort-inspired look. Soft linen embodies a warm sand and chambray is the bright blue California sky. Both looks ideal for a relaxed day at the beach or lounging by the pool. Leather accessories will break up the look to avoid vacation overload and add a much needed bold accent to an otherwise head-to-toe resort wear look. To4 reflect California’s natural beauty, William Morris’ floral prints will do the trick. These patterns contrast loudly with the serenity of the sand, yet harmoniously work together to showcase everything resort life has to offer.

For the final look of the season, the contrast of masculine versus feminine is the ground it’s built on. Silk, cotton and linen make up this look decorated by polka dots, florals and toile. The busyness of the patterns will be balanced by the structure of the clothing to create Juxtaposition. Playful feminine patterns decorate sturdier menswear and the two create a harmony of style. Maximalism at it’s best.

Whether it’s weather, gender or art that inspire your look, it’s not hard to integrate these into your own wardrobe. Incorporate leather accessories via clutch purse, belt or clog style shoe. Don’t be afraid to mix and match prints — take a grid print, inspired by Inclement, and mix it with a William Morris-esque floral, this pattern play will tie nicely into the maximalism of Juxtaposition.


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