Baggin’ the Brits

By Ashley Mullen

The trendsetters? Romans, Brittish school boys, and Indian Jones. Although, a misfit bunch this fruit salad of fashion BLANK relate to each other through one important stylish commonality. The satchel. Obviously anyone with even acute observance would notice this terrific trend plaguing the streets. Certainly someone with even modest business aims would invest and hit this profitable market before it evaporates into the trend trashcan. And yet, it was not a world-class CEO to embark on this ingenious endeavor but a British mother with humble, admirable aims.

            The company? The Cambridge Satchel Company. The marvelous mastermind behind this uber successful company is none other than Julia Deane. With zero design experience this marvelous mum had a deep desire to obtain vintage school bag for children. Believing that this stylish installation for her kids would put an end to the pestering, school bullies. After manufacturing troubles, sheer hard work, and a lot of begging, she is currently the owner of The Cambridge Satchel company that provides ultra fashionable satchel bags of all sizes and colors. Although the original shop still resides in London, carriers can be discovered all over the world and even in convenient stores like Urban Outfitters.

            Back to my precedent of the conglomerated group of fashion innovators, the satchel bag of quintessential British style has existed for centuries. As all roads lead to Rome, the satchel was first carried as a utility bag by Roman Legionaries. Then, filtered into fashion in the 17th century, the satchel was an iconic accessory for British schoolboys. By the mid 20th century, any British school child would be an anomaly without this BLANK bag. And who could forget Indian Jones redefining manly standards with his impenetrable satchel. Now it has filtered its way onto fashionable streets worldwide. Regardless, the Cambridge Satchel Company remains the leader of the trendy pack.



   From celebrities to style gurus, these timeless but trendy satchels have made The Cambridge Satchel Company infamous for being “fashion’s most affordable it-bag” (Chernikof and Yotka, 2011). Although the basic design and function of the bags remain fairly stable from season to season, color modification really sets them over the top. Their recent collection with neon’s and metallic’s manifested into the must have bag of recent seasons. Deane even spoke openly about an upcoming collection of fabulously classy clutches. Through unique recollection of the past, stable class, and today’s trends these bags should make their way to the top of every fashionista’s bucket list.

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