London’s Newest Fashion Icon

By Kristen Szkotak

Watch out Kate Middleton, there is a new fashion force taking London by storm with her fiery red locks and fearless fashion.  Meet Nicola Roberts.

Nicola got her start in the music industry in 2002 when she participated in a London reality competition show called Pop Stars: The Rivals (Glamour, 2012).  From there she won a spot in an all-girl banned named Girls Aloud.  They were a huge London hit landing numerous top 10 songs and their debut album even landed a number one spot on the London album charts.  The band later split which led time for Nicola to start her own makeup line called Dainty Dolls specifically targeted for fair skinned women (Glamour, 2012).  She then became an advocate for banning tanning bed use to minors even going as far as making a documentary titled Nicola Roberts: The Truth about Tanning Beds (Glamour, 2012).  Since then she has begun work on her solo music career.

Her music however is not all that London is noticing about her these days.  There is also her ever apparent presence in the fashion scene.  She started out as a young red-headed musician but has grown into a sophisticated innovator.  In 2010 she won a great deal of praise being named by multiple blogs as style icon of the month or even the year (Emerald, 2010).  She has even graced the cover of UK’s InStyle magazine.  One blog even compared her to Americas’ Olivia Polermo.



The fact that she is an innovator is apparent by looking at her risk taking with trends before they hit the masses.  For example Roberts wore a maxi skirt to debut her makeup line in 2010 and since then the trend has spread to the general public.  I personally am obsessed with not only her sense style but also her ever changing hairstyles.  She changes it in classy, more subtle ways in comparison to the U.S.’s Katy Perry or Nicki Minaj.  Recently news has broken that Nicola will be teaming up with America’s fashion risk taker Rhianna to star in a new UK fashion design show (Stern, 2012).  They will be searching for Britain’s next up and coming designer and “will recognise the increasing influence popstars have on mainstream trends” (Stern, 2012).

 London has many fashion icons.  Our job while we are there is to spot out the not so obvious trend setters throughout the city.  They are the ones who sub-consciously start the new fashions and trends that forecasters need to spot.

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