You Say Fashion, We Say France!

By Kendal Carse  

   France. When thinking about this country there are a couple major things that come to   mind. First, the Eiffel tower. Then maybe cute cafes, or those infamous French men. But what is at the forefront of all our minds is FRENCH FASHION. Chic and glamorous, Paris is one of the influential fashion hot spots, holding an omnipresent-like pressure over the rest of the world to keep up. But looking at today’s industry, how did France get that fabulous track record that has stood the test of time? They had to have started somewhere.
     France has been one of the fashion capitals of the world ever since the first books on fashion were written. Handmade dress shops, wealth, and serious business all attributed to the growing population that came to France to be immersed in its culture. Innovators like the “father of haute couture” Charles Worth, came to establish a name.

   Throughout the course of fashion, however, two particular designers set the bar sky high- and are still referred to for their countless and genius collections as well as designs that are still used and worn to this day.

    First and foremost, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel was one of the very first designers to make a lasting impression on not just French fashion, but the world. Creating jersey clothing, Chanel developed a simple and classic look. She was inspired by and designed many of her clothes from menswear; nevertheless, she still kept the basic but feminine attributes that can still be seen on the Paris streets today. The coveted little black dress that every woman holds dear can also be accredited to Chanel.

     Christian Dior. No other name could hold so much poise and meaning as this one.  Dior can easily be argued as the most influential designer of the 40’s and 50’s. Famous for creating the “New Look,” Dior gave females a whole new reason to walk out the door everyday dressed up. The cinched waist, rounded shoulders, and full skirt was received well, and is still used in some of the modern Dior designs today. Dior, favoring feminine looks, wanted elegance, glamour, and style all into one- and who could disagree?

     French fashion today is sleek, serious, and all about style. But what is the key to French fashion? Confidence. Dressing for the part, as well as for your age are the top two recommendations. And dress well. Remember, it’s not so much as what you wear, but as how you wear it. Sassy, sweet, feminine, or classic. Anyway you see French fashion, there is one reoccurring theme. Everyone is on their “A game.” So fashion in France? France is fashion. It’s where the big dogs play and where everyone, for a lack of better words, “brings it.”

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