September Issue Style: Teen Vogue’s Fall 2012 Trends

By Ann Simmons

If you’re a trendy dresser, you must be frustrated right now. One moment you’re stocking your closet with minimalist, clean-lined pieces…and the next, you’re scouring the stores for prints and patterns. You get through half a bottle of nude nail polish, only to go out and buy deep blues before you’ve finished your pale pinks. You see, right now in fashion, we’ve swung to the opposite side of the pendulum from where we were a couple of seasons ago.

Evidence: The September issue of Teen Vogue. In it, you’ll see pictures of models wearing gobs of pattern…together. Forget about a statement printed blouse paired with a simple skirt. High fashion houses are all about mixing interesting pattern to create the eclectic look. Take Jonathan Sanders and Prada, for example. Both marched their models down the runway in dizzying prints, purposefully clashing patterns to add interest.

Neck scarves are topping these eye-catching looks, says Victoria Lewis of Teen Vogue. Much like the crazy prints, neck scarves were prevalent on the runway, from Celine and Tommy Hilfiger to Prada and Saunders as well. Neck scarves work well with the popular equestrian look of the season, and they are just one more way to add pattern to your outfit. They can be tied in a variety of ways, depending on how prominent you desire the accessory to be. According to the runway, the higher up the neck they go, the more high fashion you are!

We mustn’t forget the details though, and beauty trends are just as fickle this season. Remember when the greyish nudes were hot? Now the more glittery, velvety, and jewel-toned your nails are, the better. Teen Vogue featured deep plums and purple polishes in their latest issue. Even the most sophisticated nudes are no match for the regality of this fall’s metallic manicures.

Can you turn your closet upside down in time to own these trends before they’re gone? Can you snag the of-the-moment geometric printed frock and patterned jeans from your favorite retailer, while convincing your mom to let your borrow her old neck scarves? What about your 8-year old sister? She doesn’t need that sparkle blue nail polish anyway. One thing is for sure, all of these trends can be worn together, so hit ‘em and quit ‘em while they last!

Read more to tap into your inner teen! 

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