I Love the Nineties!

By Megan O’Brien

I love the nineties! And honestly who doesn’t? Bright colors, androgynous style and rocking tunes? Count me in! Brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Polo, Gap and FUBU ruled this decade. Doc Martens? Bet you had ‘em. Overalls? You wore ‘em. Bright colors? They were all over your bod, from your sweet teni-runners to your oh so fashionable terrycloth sweatband around your head. I mentioned rocking tunes. Who were you rocking out to? Kurt Kobain? LL Cool J? Alanis Morisette, perhaps? Or maybe you were a boy bands only listener and jammed out to the voices of N*SYNC, Backstreet Boys, or even Boys II Men. Let’s not forget the Spice Girls, you know you bought that CD. Speaking of CDs, your outfit would not be complete without that Discman. Those headphones around your neck were just as crucial to your style as the music blaring out of them. So what was the style exactly?

      There were many different styles during this time but they all had one thing in common…no judgment.  According to Complex Magazine, Designers supported styles that could be worn by anyone. Calvin Klein introduced a unisex fragrance with an ad campaign which featured androgynous-looking models and interracial couples. Benetton also sported racy ads with same-sex couples as well as interracial couples supporting the idea that anyone could wear anything. Fashion was a pretty level playing field at this time because there was something for everyone.


   Not into getting fancy? Neither was anyone else, unless you count a short spandex dress or an ill-fitting suit with a t-shirt underneath as “fancy”. The 90s were pretty casual. Take the Grunge look for instance: ripped jeans, flannel shirts, long hair with a middle part, and combat boots paired together with an attitude that said “I view bathing as optional.” You can’t get more casual than that.  I actually thank Kurt Cobain for introducing this trend because it makes my everyday school look not look so bad. If Grunge wasn’t your style you had nothing to worry about there was plenty more out there for you to explore. My personal fave is Will Smith’s vibrant style. Brightly colored shorts, sweaters, shirts, shoes, hats, you name it, the Fresh Prince had it. He made everything look cool. Actually, EVERYTHING WAS COOL. Even cheesy things like mood rings and that necklace with a grain of rice sporting your name on it. There’s no wonder why some of these trends are starting to return.

The 90s represent a time of care-free fun and a better economic state. People are trying to bring these feel-good things back. Just look around. Flannels, man-tanks, brightly colored items and much more are inching their way back into our lives. Even nerd glasses are back in style. Shout out to Urkel (you know you watched that guy)! People are ready for fun again. Let’s just hope biker shorts and midriffs stay in the nineties. I’m not so sure my eyes could handle those trends again. But really, once is enough.

Can’t get enough 90s?  Then read on:

The 90 Greatest 90s Fashion Trends. (2011, September 22).  Complex Magazine. http://www.complex.com/style/2011/09/the-90-greatest-90s-fashion-trends#2

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