September Issue – Fall/Winter Trends

By Kimberly Hackler

Need some help staying on trend this fall? Luckily, I have three great trends that are sure to update your closet and help you stay fresh this season. You’re guaranteed to turn heads with these fabulous styles, from shocking pastels to punk-rock spikey accessories. With a little help from us here at Lucky, you’ll be the talk of the town, rocking the latest fashions before anyone else.Pastels

The first trend is the unexpected pastel presence. Pinks, baby blues, pale yellows, and creams were seen all over the fall RTW runway collections. They were seen mainly in the form of coats, but also in jackets, skirts, and sweaters. Seems a little odd to pair pastels with our usual drab winter colors doesn’t it? Well, it turns out that pastels are the new neutrals, and we are to pair them with simple black and white pieces. Pastels are said to be more flattering than brights, so wear them closer to the face with darker colors on the bottom. This unexpected trend will make you the chicest girl around. Find more examples of this trend in “How to Pull Off Pastels.”

Secondly, we’ve been seeing tons of spikes to go along with the well-established motorcycle trend. However, we are now seeing a dominance of spikes in several accessories. A spikedNecklace2 necklace is a great way to complete a motorcycle look, or even to simply add a little edginess to a feminine look. Either way, these funky spikes are here to stay so get on board with this glam-punk trend. Find more about these necklaces in the “25 Street Style Stars – And Why We Love Them” article.

The last big trend this fall will be over-the-knee boots. Don’t worry, your knee-highs are still in style, but we’ve been seeing more and more of those chic over-the-knee boots that everyone’s been raving about since they were seen on Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada. Get them tall and wear them with a Bootsshort skirt for a night out, or buy them flat and wear them with skinny jeans and a comfy sweater. Either way, give your knee-highs a break and grab a pair of these fun, chic boots while you still can.

 Overall, I think the trends for fall are moving in a great direction. You’ve got feminine flares with the pastels, edginess in the spiked necklaces and a high-fashion feel with the over-the-knee boots. These trends can all be worn a number of different ways, which means now it’s your turn to get creative and add your own personal style each. Goodbye summer, hello fall 2013!

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