Fanny Packs are Back

By Cheyenne Bryant

Move over wristlets, cell phone wallets, cross-bodies, and a ladies best friend: her boobsfannypack1. The new thing to store your favorite essential life items is the fanny pack. Upon rummaging the streets of Austin during one of the ACL weekends, fanny packs were everywhere and back with a vengeance. Men, women, kids, were all seen sporting the 80’s prime accessory.

After all the picture snapping that took place around Congress Street, fannypack2when I got home and began to edit the pictures, several different trends emerged instantly. Along with the fanny pack I spotted DIY floral headbands as a trend along with a longer crop top. The slim sliver of a midriff as opposed to the entire stomach being out is where that look is now heading.

fannypack3To go about my forecasting this trend, I decided to just flag pictures until I had 10 flagged of the coolest looking people. Then after reviewing the flagged people, I noticed 3 of the people had fanny packs, thus making them my Austin trend. Upon further examination, I noticed multiple people with a midriff too, but I liked the fanny pack more.

Going to Austin was great and most people were great about letting me take their pictures, with a few exceptions of course. I personally hope this trend is a fad because I am not the biggest fan of a fanny pack.

Where School is Cool

By Lauren Crook

school1Spotted: Every “cool” person in Austin looking not so cool in their sweatpants and sweatshirts. The only trend that was happening for the first half of the day was the not so sexy just rolled out of bed look. I had to get a cappuccino to wake myself up after seeing so many sleepy people. However, after I finished waking myself back school2up it seemed that the rest of Austin was waking up too and heading south, down Congress Street. The senses are almost overwhelmed with the smells of food, the sounds of musicians and the sight of finally seeing all the cool people. I thought that Austin would just be filled with hipsters like I’m used to seeing at our local coffee shop every day, but I was really wrong. There are so many people in Austin that truly have anschool3 individual style. They aren’t trying to copy anyone or anything they have seen in a magazine, they are just doing their own thing. They often times don’t even realize that they look cool. The three girls who are rocking the knee high socks trend that I spotted didn’t even realize that they were cool, but they totally are. Who knew school girl high socks were the new thing?  You can wear them all different ways, you can make them look sweet and preppy, total rocker chick, or casual and relaxed. After seeing them I might have to pull out my socks from my school uniform and try it too.

The Knot

By Meredith Rimmer

knot2Fall Break 2013 started off to a rough start when both me and my best friend’s cars broke down and our San Antonio road trip sadly got cancelled. However, things soon turned around as we made a spontaneous trip to Austin to enjoy a weekend at ACL. Filled with music, culture, and fashion, ACL was not only the place to see new bands and artists emerge but also a placeknot3 where trends rose to surface. “Cool” was everywhere and it was difficult to select the few that were the true trendsetters, but guys and girls that appeared to have the essence of individualism were whom my camera captured.  It wasn’t apparent to me at first, however after examining the looks from my the chosen few, I was able to detect a unique way in which “the cool” wore their clothing. It might have been from the heat or maybe simply for the fact that they knotwanted to wear their clothing in a new way, but “the knot” was clearly evident as a developing trend for these ACL trendsetters. “The knot” was shown as a way to tie one’s skirt or dress to become a new high and low, a wrap to become an accent piece, our a top to become cropped and reveal the midriff. Weather or not the knot will become a trend or fad is unclear, however it is simple enough and can be transformed and applied to several areas of fashion that will let this style take its course.