Belle de Jour

By Courtney Carlson

Belle de Jour, the 1967 French movie, is commonly known as the most enticing erotic movie in history, so be prepared my Baptist friends, this movie sure isn’t “Frozen”. Belle de Jour is French for “Lady of the Day.” Our lovely lady in the movie is Severine, the wife of a surgeon. However, our sweet Severine has a secret – she works at a brothel while her hubby is at work because she can’t bring herself to be intimate with him. Did y’all get that? She is a harlet during the day and completely chaste with her own husband at night. I mean, to each her own, right?

belle de jour 1

I’m leaving out most of the plot here for two reasons: 1. It’s incredibly interesting and you need to watch it yourself, and 2. The fact that I don’t speak French and could only find part of it with subtitles kind of hinders my understanding. BUT, the fashion is stunning. One of my favorite fashion choices includes when Severine sports a PERFECT red coat. While the length of the coat isn’t particularly popular anymore, the style of the buttons, collar, and shape are absolutely accepted and loved in today’s society. It is quite literally perfect, y’all. And there’s more. Maybe I just adore fashion that is influenced by the 60’s **hint: I do**, but Severine’s outfits in this movie are everything. Her long black trench coat is something that I would regularly see on the streets of New York today…and not just on the ladies of the night. The shape, color, neckline, button structure, and hidden side pockets are all common elements in a long coat today.

belle de jour 2

My third favorite style choice in this movie is a look that myself and most of the people that I know still rock today. Our favorite two-faced lady is seen wearing a white collared shirt with a black pull-over sweater with a big ole bun on her head. While in the movie, she is wearing a sweater dress rather than a short sweater with pants, the look and style of the outfit is almost identical to what we would wear today. Celebrities such as Emma Watson have been seen wearing similar outfits in the public eye, so it is still relevant. These looks are still relevant in the use of 1960’s-inspired clean line and box-shaped outerwear. For example, the first actresses that come to mind are Blake Lively and Jennifer Lopez. These names together may sound really random, but they are both often seen in the exact style of coat as Severine wears in Belle de Jour. I didn’t even have to use google to find celebs that are still wearing these looks…they are literally so common that I could picture them right away. 1960’s French movie about a daytime-only prostitute? Still relevant, my friends.

belle de jour 3


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