The Good ol’ Days

By Haley Davis

90s1 Fresh Prince and the “Rachel,” just some things that come to mind when we think of the 1990s. Most of us were little kids during this decade and if you are like me they remind me of the good ol’ days of our childhood. The days of sitcoms, sugar pop music, and those horrible outfits our parents made us wear. You know the ones; we all use them for throwback Thursday.

The 90s had a lot of dominating events. From Bill Clinton having his famous “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” affair. Thanks Ken Starr. The cold war ended. The country had the first school shooting with Columbine. And who could forget the world panic of Y2K.

90s4You cannot talk about the 90s without mentioning technology. This decade was a defining moment for technology in our society. There were VHS, beepers, mobile phone (they still felt like a brick), and computers became a staple in the home. I still remember when my parents got our first computer. I was 5, and so excited to play Barbie Fashion Design. In the 90s, Yahoo, EBay, Amazon and Google where all created. Television exploded with Satellite with more channels and many new 90s5sitcoms and teen dramas like Dawson’s Creek and Beverly Hills 90210.  Movies like Titanic blew up the box office. And Disney movies ruled the children’s movies. Especially, Toy Story which was the first computer animated movie.

Oh the fashion of the 90s. Denim was huge. Especially washed out and colored. At the beginning of the decade pants were worn high waisted, by the end they were worn at the hips. The 70s preppy look was in. With short shirts and dresses, and flowery patterns. Also, the chunky 90s3heel was in. Movies like Clueless are a prefect example of this style.

But not everyone in the 90s was preppy. There was also the trend of grudge. After the 80s full of bright, loud colors, people decided to wear more naturals, and deep colors. Plaids and flannels were in. People wore baggy, oversized clothes, Tattoos and piercing became a trend. The body type was known as heroine chic. No better example is model Kate Moss, meaning women wanted to be super skinny, with no curves.

I believe the 90s are coming back in a way for fashion, with all the flower prints, color denim and high waisted. We are also going for the grudge 90s2trend when we look at our today hipsters. Technology played a huge role in people’s attitudes and perceptions during this decade. It was in a way the first time the middle class person was using technology on a daily basis. The 90s were the beginning of the transition to a new century. They reflected on previous decades for fashion ideas, but looked ahead at what the new millennium could bring. This decade helped launch us forward with technology to help our advances today. And with more access to information through technology it has forever influenced us.



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