By Rachel Dean

When I was little, my brother 7 years my senior would steal my toys. Shortly after he took them, I’d find my dolls decapitated and easy bake oven thrown in the pool. My brother is 27 bronies2now and I still hate him for what he did. What I never would have guessed is that peers of my 27-year-old once plastic abusing, sociopathic brother would not only be in possession of toys that were once thrown onto the roof of my house (yes that really happened) but worshiping the colorful dolls. Let me introduce you to the style tribe of the male, My Little Ponies enthusiasts, the bronies.

Now before you assume these young adults are carrying candy and luring children into a windowless van, they’re actually quite harmless. In fact, most of what they do consists of some rad art-work including art, music, animation, and fan fiction dedicated to the My Little Pony show. They even hold large conventions together where they can meet and discuss their unique interest of the show. Plot bronies4twist: At these events they even raise tens of thousands of dollars to support various charities! WHAT! Don’t judge a book by its bedazzled, pastel shirt, am I right?

For a style that only started in 2010, it’s become quite trendy. Trendy enough for their to be a documentary about the style tribe on Netflix. I spent last Friday night watching it in my pajamas while eating bon-bons. After my bon-bons and bottle of wine, I went to the Internet to find more. LOW AND BEHOLD. There is a where you can purchase all your stylish, My Little Pony needs. Adult My Little Pony clothing and accessories. This is the bronies3future. They even have a blog they keep up with regularly dishing brony deets. They’re latest blog is about the elementary school that banned a 9-year-old boy’s MLP backpack because it “made him a target for bullying.” Naturally bronies were there to step up in full support of the brony in training.

From what I can tell, these fanboys that happen to like something not intended for their demographic are just looking for some acceptance in the world. From defending the young to raising money for charities, it seems like they nothing but good things to offer. Even if pink isn’t their color and their shirt matches that of my 4-year-old female cousin’s, you’ve got a heart the size of an actual pony. My respects go out to those of you who love what you love and not what society tells you to love. But if anyone starts saying they’re in a relationship with a My Little Pony doll, you lose all credibility.bronies


By Courtney Carlson

chavs1Have you ever had the desire to throw on every designer item in sight…even if it isn’t necessarily authentic? Do you enjoy your violent behavior with a side of Burberry and a british accent? If so, listen up, because the Britain-based Chavs style tribe is probably pretty interesting for you. Known to be fairly low-income, Chavs are quite frankly hated by their fellow British. They first came about in the public eye in the 21st century, but the word Chav actually comes from a Gypsy word….that literally means “child”. That fact alone is enough for me to stay away, but of course it just gets more interesting from there. 

Our British young’uns are just doing what young’uns do…rebeling. And by rebel I mean they wear knock-off designer sportswear chavs3with ironic grungy slogan t-shirts and get violent. Yeah, I can definitely see why they aren’t the most popular kids on the block. In the past, Chavettes, as the ladies are called, were once known to wear super slicked buns in their hair, which can vary in color from bleach blonde to jet black…or magenta for the super dedicated. Now that style has been updated to stick-straight hair, but the color palette remains the same. You will also commonly see Chavs in super fashionable sweatsuits and sparkly white tennis shoes. Anything and everything in Burberry plaid is also a nice touch that they manage to throw onto everything from skirts to bags to nail art. chavs4And you will never see a Chav without a flatbill baseball cap covering their eyes. I mean, I wouldn’t want to look anyone in the eyes, either, if I actually associated with violence and ignorance by choice, so I understand that one. The final distinguishing touch is a dark tan, similar to what one might find on a Guido at the Jersey Shore.

The interesting thing about Chavs is that they don’t necessarily have something that they believe in. They don’t typically have high-paying jobs, if they have jobs at all, and they are known for loitering in packs. However, they do worship two of the same people as preppy Americans…the ever-so-attractive David and Victoria Beckham. In fact, the Spice Girls were completely rocking Chav style throughout their glory days. So we obviously have one thing in common here. And we honestly chavs2have taken a few style cues from these grunge teens.

“But Courtney, I don’t like to loiter and be super violent for no reason…I don’t want to be like a Chav,” you might say. You don’t have to be, but I can guarantee you rock a few of the same styles. Sorry. Flatbills, ironic sayings t-shirts, black leggings, and tan skin are just a few of the things you might have in common with Chavs. Just keep words like “innit” and “bruv” out of your vocabulary and you’ll be fine.

Lucky Magazine – March Issue

By Kylie Romell

After months of chevron-print chiffon tops and “Aztec” patterned knit skirts, I could not welcome more the change in fashion that I pray will come with the changing season. Leafing through Lucky magazine’s March issue, I was shocked at the sheer number of trends I saw emerging. From the color teal to gingham to cat-eye eyeliner, I stumbled across many looks several times throughout the magazine. Three of the most prevalent of these trends are “natural” or “dewy” makeup, a very specific type of tote, and “vintage” everything.

lucky1The natural makeup look caught me off guard. It has been a very long time since it was considered fashion-forward to skip the mascara and leave the house with a shiny face. However, this trend was not just in the makeup section in the magazine. It was in the editorial shoots and even in many of the high-end advertising campaigns. While I do think women will be encouraged by this trend to wear less makeup on a day-to-day basis, I don’t realistically believe that the majority of the population possesses the confidence to rock the bare-face look.

Coincidentally (or maybe not so coincidentally), the apparel featured in this issue exudes retro vibes and vintage lines reminiscent of a time when many women didn’t feel the need to wear makeup at all. While there are lucky2several pieces that allude to the ’50s throughout the magazine, the main influence was from the ’60s and ’70s. There are entire outfits that look like they were plucked straight from my mom’s elementary school pictures alongside free-spirited, flowing fabrics and shredded denim that bring to mind hippie music festivals. This is fitting as more and more women are becoming more conscious of the environmental and financial consequences of constantly buying new clothes. This newfound awareness has sparked a thrift-shopping, vintage-cool revival. While buying new clothes that look vintage defeats the purpose of the start of this trend, the fact that clothing companies are coming out with styles that look vintage is great news for people like me who have been thrift shopping since high school and don’t want all the good finds scooped up by other aspiring fashionistas.

The cover of Lucky claims to have found “The bag you can’t live without”. While the article lucky3on this claim feels more like an endorsement funded by Coach to promote its new image, there really are some perfect bags in this issue. (Side note: while I’m glad that Coach is moving toward a simpler aesthetic, I can see quality issues in the bag from the professional, edited photographs in the magazine. That tells me that I probably really can live without this bag, thank you very lucky5much.) The trend is totes. Nearly every page features one of these large, rectangular bags. They’re simple and have very few details, including logos, thanks be to God. For many seasons, I’ve been sick of seeing big, garish letters plastered across bags, and it appears that the majority is starting to agree with me. Any logos at all are tiny and discrete, putting the focus on the quality of the leather used (which is beautiful) and the quality of construction. I don’t want to know that you’re carrying a high-end bag because it screams it at me. I want to know it because your bag looks like it will literally live longer than I will.

These trends all show that there has been a shift toward quality, simplicity, and individualism, FINALLY. I’ve been waiting for this season for a long, long time, and am ecstatic that I have a reason, or three, to be hopeful about the future of fashion.

Pastels, Python, and Poppies…Oh My!

By Sam Burke

Spring is upon us and that means an open door to new and exciting trends is coming our way. The flowers are beginning to bloom, the sun is bright, and the weather is starting to warm up (or in Texas it gets as hot as Hades). The change from the drab winter weather to the more comfortable springtime brings about an array of new color options, fabrics, and patterns to choose from. Based on my Marie Claire March issue, I could see that the marieclaire1three biggest trends that we will begin to see are the abundant use of pastels (especially mint), an exciting twist on floral print, and the ever so exotic incorporation of python into one’s wardrobe.

The use of pastel colors for springtime is a very common trend, however for Spring 2014 we will be seeing more mint and light pinks than ever before. How I first noticed the use of these colors is I stumbled upon an Essie advertisement that showcased their new spring 2014 nail polish colors. Two of the five new nail polish colors are a shade of mint and pink. Even though I should not have based a trend on a nail polish advertisement, I quickly found that there was mint and light pink throughout the entire Marie Claire March issue. Pastel pink was even dominating the beauty section of the magazine by being incorporated into new eye shadow colors and lipsticks.

marieclair2The second trend that caught my eyes is the exciting twist on floral print and the use of flowers in general. There is an entirely new print hitting the fashion world that looks like flowers painted by watercolors onto the fabric. This print is thrilling, yet feminine and truly encompasses the springtime theme. In addition, headdresses made of flowers are coming back into style and can be found in all sorts of shapes and sizes (my hippie of a mother would be so proud). Not only that, but Chanel recently partnered with Maison Lesage to craft a new premier watch that features a beautiful embroidered rose made of colored silk thread on the dial…along with 562 diamonds.

The final trend that I noticed is that the use of python is coming back into style. Not only is this reptile being used in apparel, marieclaire3but is also completely engulfing (haha get it?) accessories and shoes for Spring 2014. The use of python adds a touch of sexiness, allure, and boldness to a woman’s wardrobe ensemble. If you want to know my personal opinion, I believe that python should be incorporated in all areas of fashion in order for the hideous creature to be forever extinct. I can see it now…sorority girls wearing the latest python leggings with their python riding boots.

All in all, I am very excited to see what Spring 2014 has in store for us. These three trends were only showcased with young adult women in Marie Claire, however who knows which consumers will truly capture these trends. I guess I will just have to wait to wear my bright mint python floral boots for another month…    




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Cue the Madonna Song

By Courtney Carlson

Vogue is known for it’s elaborate photoshoots of models in unconventional yet stunning clothing and hundreds of equally unlifelike advertisements from the biggest names in luxury fashion. Just holding the 648 page fashion bible just begged me to pour a glass of wine and feel rich as I flipped through the model-laden pages. Alright, trend-hunting in vogue1Vogue. Let’s go.

One of the biggest trends I saw in this issue was fringe. So much, in fact, that there was actually an article about how many ways fringe can be used in fashion right now. Among the recommendations? Sleeves, dresses, skirts, and blouses…basically anything you can make flapper-style…do it. Vogue sure does make it look like the iconic 20’s rebel look is coming back on in, and I love it. The fringe is showing up not only on these dresses and skirts like Vogue showed, but also crop tops, bags, and boots are featuring different types of fringe.

vogue3Another throwback trend Vogue was absolutely raving about is the mid skirt. I was pretty sure those were called midi skirts…ya know, with an “I”…but I’ll trust the experts here. Basically the trend being analyzed here is the length of skirts and dresses and how it’s suddenly hitting mid-calf rather than the usual above-the-knee style. The biggest trend here is the high-waisted mid skirt with a crop top, which I am personally loving. Hiding leg and showing a little belly…I just think it’s the perfect balance of fun and class.

The third major trend I saw throughout the March issue of Vogue is similar to the mid skirt, but it was on a different page, so I’m totally considering it a different trend. The height and width ofvogue5 heels are both changing to more of a middle ground. Stilettos aren’t always exactly comfortable, so I don’t think anyone is complaining about a bit of a shorter heel coming in as a hot trend. While these can go hand-in-hand with the mid skirt that shows off the shoe a bit more than usual, they can also pair nicely with some trendy cropped pants or colored jeans.

Over all, I don’t think it is possible to casually flip through Vogue and not feel a bit fabulous. Any magazine that considers a pair of Valentino sandals a “steal” is perfect for making a woman feel glamorous…even if there is no chance in the world of ever actually affording that so-called steal.. and don’t even get me started on the “splurges” that cost more than my first car. It’s timeless, beautiful, and my favorite, most reliable source for the biggest and best fashion news.



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That’s Haute

By Alex Hansen

Things are starting to heat up (that is at least if you don’t live in Texas, then every other day will be 20 degrees) and magazines are starting to shove fashion advice on the latest trends down our throats on just how to be the fashionable ‘it’ girl at all of your crazy summer parties. So I decided to look at the March Issue of Harper’s Bazaar to decipher what I should be wearing this season to be oh-so popular. Here’s the top three trends I noticed that you should incorporate into your summer wardrobe to be on-point and more importantly, fierce (like a gladiator J).

The first major trend I came across- and quite frankly ended up getting sick over at the end of Harper’s Bazaar, was the color blue. At first I was like “oh yeah this is cool”- no pun thatshaute3intended. It seemed as though every designer from Alexander McQueen to Chloe were incorporating the hue in their exquisite garments. I fell in love with the color! Then I began to notice that the trend didn’t just stay in clothing but spread out to other genres of fashion such as cosmetics, accessories, and even home furnishings. The bold color was even utilized in the background and lighting of a majority of the advertisements I looked at. After seeing this color repetitively repeated (ha), Harper’s Bazaar even had a separate page dedicated to “spring’s new color” I began to get a little over it- but the color is definitely not going anywhere soon.  This trend of the “blue hue” is a recurring theme in fashion at this point in the season, due to the weather warming up and people stripping down for the beach. Blue symbolizes water and coolness, which is what every one wants in the summer heat!

thatshaute4Another trend I found to be oh so prevalent in HB, was trousers and wide leg pants. Is this the death of the skinny pants? I know, I thought I’d never see that day! Designers like Michael Kors and Valentino have foregone the sexy skinny jean and are now implementing a new kind of modest, feminine sex appeal in their campaigns. Which I must say is breathtakingly chic! The designers are using this common pair of trousers in both classic and modern ways. Michael Kors, of course, uses effortlessy chic versions in khaki and white. Whereas Valentino edges the traditional up with a loud abstract animal print- which I love! Not only are designers on the trend, but bloggers and celebs are in on this hotness too! I definitely think we are going to be seeing a shift in the tightness of our pants.

The last of the most prevalent trends I noticed was gladiator sandals and thank God they are back! This trend is recurring from the glorious year of 2009- oh the good ole’ high school days! The sandals are back in full force and edgier and hotter than ever. Designers like Stuart Weitzman, thatshaute1Guiseppe Zannoti, Brian Atwood, and Proenza Schouler are among the many designers that have come out with these overtly Greek chic items. The shoes can be heeled or flat, and can be short in terms of height but also extend to the knee and above. For a more bad-A, dominatrix look designers have been bringing in the leather and snakeskin- and man-oh-man am I in love! Too bad I have short legs. Pretty much everyone from bloggers to celebs to us everyday peeps are rocking the Hellenistic look. From the runway to the streets this is a very pervasive movement. Differing from the aforementioned trends, this particular one has a target market that hits generally with the younger, edgier crowd and also maybe for the select few of super-stylish mature women.

There were many more foreseeable trends in the March issue of Harper’s Bazaar, most of which were awesomely beautiful- except for the mules, I just can’t get into it! All of the trends support a movement toward breathy and light styles for spring/summer that exude a powerful in yet sophisticated femininity. Newsflash: gladiators, blue, and trousers are in y’all- just please don’t wear all three together!



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