That’s Haute

By Alex Hansen

Things are starting to heat up (that is at least if you don’t live in Texas, then every other day will be 20 degrees) and magazines are starting to shove fashion advice on the latest trends down our throats on just how to be the fashionable ‘it’ girl at all of your crazy summer parties. So I decided to look at the March Issue of Harper’s Bazaar to decipher what I should be wearing this season to be oh-so popular. Here’s the top three trends I noticed that you should incorporate into your summer wardrobe to be on-point and more importantly, fierce (like a gladiator J).

The first major trend I came across- and quite frankly ended up getting sick over at the end of Harper’s Bazaar, was the color blue. At first I was like “oh yeah this is cool”- no pun thatshaute3intended. It seemed as though every designer from Alexander McQueen to Chloe were incorporating the hue in their exquisite garments. I fell in love with the color! Then I began to notice that the trend didn’t just stay in clothing but spread out to other genres of fashion such as cosmetics, accessories, and even home furnishings. The bold color was even utilized in the background and lighting of a majority of the advertisements I looked at. After seeing this color repetitively repeated (ha), Harper’s Bazaar even had a separate page dedicated to “spring’s new color” I began to get a little over it- but the color is definitely not going anywhere soon.  This trend of the “blue hue” is a recurring theme in fashion at this point in the season, due to the weather warming up and people stripping down for the beach. Blue symbolizes water and coolness, which is what every one wants in the summer heat!

thatshaute4Another trend I found to be oh so prevalent in HB, was trousers and wide leg pants. Is this the death of the skinny pants? I know, I thought I’d never see that day! Designers like Michael Kors and Valentino have foregone the sexy skinny jean and are now implementing a new kind of modest, feminine sex appeal in their campaigns. Which I must say is breathtakingly chic! The designers are using this common pair of trousers in both classic and modern ways. Michael Kors, of course, uses effortlessy chic versions in khaki and white. Whereas Valentino edges the traditional up with a loud abstract animal print- which I love! Not only are designers on the trend, but bloggers and celebs are in on this hotness too! I definitely think we are going to be seeing a shift in the tightness of our pants.

The last of the most prevalent trends I noticed was gladiator sandals and thank God they are back! This trend is recurring from the glorious year of 2009- oh the good ole’ high school days! The sandals are back in full force and edgier and hotter than ever. Designers like Stuart Weitzman, thatshaute1Guiseppe Zannoti, Brian Atwood, and Proenza Schouler are among the many designers that have come out with these overtly Greek chic items. The shoes can be heeled or flat, and can be short in terms of height but also extend to the knee and above. For a more bad-A, dominatrix look designers have been bringing in the leather and snakeskin- and man-oh-man am I in love! Too bad I have short legs. Pretty much everyone from bloggers to celebs to us everyday peeps are rocking the Hellenistic look. From the runway to the streets this is a very pervasive movement. Differing from the aforementioned trends, this particular one has a target market that hits generally with the younger, edgier crowd and also maybe for the select few of super-stylish mature women.

There were many more foreseeable trends in the March issue of Harper’s Bazaar, most of which were awesomely beautiful- except for the mules, I just can’t get into it! All of the trends support a movement toward breathy and light styles for spring/summer that exude a powerful in yet sophisticated femininity. Newsflash: gladiators, blue, and trousers are in y’all- just please don’t wear all three together!



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