Pastels, Python, and Poppies…Oh My!

By Sam Burke

Spring is upon us and that means an open door to new and exciting trends is coming our way. The flowers are beginning to bloom, the sun is bright, and the weather is starting to warm up (or in Texas it gets as hot as Hades). The change from the drab winter weather to the more comfortable springtime brings about an array of new color options, fabrics, and patterns to choose from. Based on my Marie Claire March issue, I could see that the marieclaire1three biggest trends that we will begin to see are the abundant use of pastels (especially mint), an exciting twist on floral print, and the ever so exotic incorporation of python into one’s wardrobe.

The use of pastel colors for springtime is a very common trend, however for Spring 2014 we will be seeing more mint and light pinks than ever before. How I first noticed the use of these colors is I stumbled upon an Essie advertisement that showcased their new spring 2014 nail polish colors. Two of the five new nail polish colors are a shade of mint and pink. Even though I should not have based a trend on a nail polish advertisement, I quickly found that there was mint and light pink throughout the entire Marie Claire March issue. Pastel pink was even dominating the beauty section of the magazine by being incorporated into new eye shadow colors and lipsticks.

marieclair2The second trend that caught my eyes is the exciting twist on floral print and the use of flowers in general. There is an entirely new print hitting the fashion world that looks like flowers painted by watercolors onto the fabric. This print is thrilling, yet feminine and truly encompasses the springtime theme. In addition, headdresses made of flowers are coming back into style and can be found in all sorts of shapes and sizes (my hippie of a mother would be so proud). Not only that, but Chanel recently partnered with Maison Lesage to craft a new premier watch that features a beautiful embroidered rose made of colored silk thread on the dial…along with 562 diamonds.

The final trend that I noticed is that the use of python is coming back into style. Not only is this reptile being used in apparel, marieclaire3but is also completely engulfing (haha get it?) accessories and shoes for Spring 2014. The use of python adds a touch of sexiness, allure, and boldness to a woman’s wardrobe ensemble. If you want to know my personal opinion, I believe that python should be incorporated in all areas of fashion in order for the hideous creature to be forever extinct. I can see it now…sorority girls wearing the latest python leggings with their python riding boots.

All in all, I am very excited to see what Spring 2014 has in store for us. These three trends were only showcased with young adult women in Marie Claire, however who knows which consumers will truly capture these trends. I guess I will just have to wait to wear my bright mint python floral boots for another month…    




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