By Courtney Carlson

chavs1Have you ever had the desire to throw on every designer item in sight…even if it isn’t necessarily authentic? Do you enjoy your violent behavior with a side of Burberry and a british accent? If so, listen up, because the Britain-based Chavs style tribe is probably pretty interesting for you. Known to be fairly low-income, Chavs are quite frankly hated by their fellow British. They first came about in the public eye in the 21st century, but the word Chav actually comes from a Gypsy word….that literally means “child”. That fact alone is enough for me to stay away, but of course it just gets more interesting from there. 

Our British young’uns are just doing what young’uns do…rebeling. And by rebel I mean they wear knock-off designer sportswear chavs3with ironic grungy slogan t-shirts and get violent. Yeah, I can definitely see why they aren’t the most popular kids on the block. In the past, Chavettes, as the ladies are called, were once known to wear super slicked buns in their hair, which can vary in color from bleach blonde to jet black…or magenta for the super dedicated. Now that style has been updated to stick-straight hair, but the color palette remains the same. You will also commonly see Chavs in super fashionable sweatsuits and sparkly white tennis shoes. Anything and everything in Burberry plaid is also a nice touch that they manage to throw onto everything from skirts to bags to nail art. chavs4And you will never see a Chav without a flatbill baseball cap covering their eyes. I mean, I wouldn’t want to look anyone in the eyes, either, if I actually associated with violence and ignorance by choice, so I understand that one. The final distinguishing touch is a dark tan, similar to what one might find on a Guido at the Jersey Shore.

The interesting thing about Chavs is that they don’t necessarily have something that they believe in. They don’t typically have high-paying jobs, if they have jobs at all, and they are known for loitering in packs. However, they do worship two of the same people as preppy Americans…the ever-so-attractive David and Victoria Beckham. In fact, the Spice Girls were completely rocking Chav style throughout their glory days. So we obviously have one thing in common here. And we honestly chavs2have taken a few style cues from these grunge teens.

“But Courtney, I don’t like to loiter and be super violent for no reason…I don’t want to be like a Chav,” you might say. You don’t have to be, but I can guarantee you rock a few of the same styles. Sorry. Flatbills, ironic sayings t-shirts, black leggings, and tan skin are just a few of the things you might have in common with Chavs. Just keep words like “innit” and “bruv” out of your vocabulary and you’ll be fine.

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