By Rachel Dean

When I was little, my brother 7 years my senior would steal my toys. Shortly after he took them, I’d find my dolls decapitated and easy bake oven thrown in the pool. My brother is 27 bronies2now and I still hate him for what he did. What I never would have guessed is that peers of my 27-year-old once plastic abusing, sociopathic brother would not only be in possession of toys that were once thrown onto the roof of my house (yes that really happened) but worshiping the colorful dolls. Let me introduce you to the style tribe of the male, My Little Ponies enthusiasts, the bronies.

Now before you assume these young adults are carrying candy and luring children into a windowless van, they’re actually quite harmless. In fact, most of what they do consists of some rad art-work including art, music, animation, and fan fiction dedicated to the My Little Pony show. They even hold large conventions together where they can meet and discuss their unique interest of the show. Plot bronies4twist: At these events they even raise tens of thousands of dollars to support various charities! WHAT! Don’t judge a book by its bedazzled, pastel shirt, am I right?

For a style that only started in 2010, it’s become quite trendy. Trendy enough for their to be a documentary about the style tribe on Netflix. I spent last Friday night watching it in my pajamas while eating bon-bons. After my bon-bons and bottle of wine, I went to the Internet to find more. LOW AND BEHOLD. There is a where you can purchase all your stylish, My Little Pony needs. Adult My Little Pony clothing and accessories. This is the bronies3future. They even have a blog they keep up with regularly dishing brony deets. They’re latest blog is about the elementary school that banned a 9-year-old boy’s MLP backpack because it “made him a target for bullying.” Naturally bronies were there to step up in full support of the brony in training.

From what I can tell, these fanboys that happen to like something not intended for their demographic are just looking for some acceptance in the world. From defending the young to raising money for charities, it seems like they nothing but good things to offer. Even if pink isn’t their color and their shirt matches that of my 4-year-old female cousin’s, you’ve got a heart the size of an actual pony. My respects go out to those of you who love what you love and not what society tells you to love. But if anyone starts saying they’re in a relationship with a My Little Pony doll, you lose all credibility.bronies

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