Roll-up Pants

By Amy Choi

amycool1I was pretty unlucky because I went to Austin last Friday around 6pm and it was UT Roundup weekend and literally everyone was wearing sorority/fraternity t-shirts. I went to Guadalupe Street in front of UT Austin. I was standing in front of American Apparel store to find trendsetters for an hour but could not find any, even worse my friends started complaining. I decided to walk into Urban Outfitters store and thank God there were at least 15 trendsetters shopping or selling the clothes! The majority of the shoppers were pairing up together and they all looked similar to each other. It is hard to explain in amycool2words but these trendsetters have aura and I was there observing people shopping for an hour and a half and the majority of the shoppers spent at least 40 minutes choosing what kind of clothes would make them look trendy and different from other people. I looked through the pictures I took in Austin and roll-up jeans and military boots popped out. Especially, those people wearing roll-up jeans looked trendier to me than those who were not. And those trendsetters were wearing either loafers or military boots with roll-up pants and those shoes made them look even trendier. I am pretty sure this trend will be adopted by the majority of people and it will last long probably at least a few years from now even though I personally do not prefer wearing roll-up pants because I look even shorter if I wear them.

Hey Jean Jacket, It’s Nice to See You Again

By Ashley Gross

ashcool2You’re wearing a girly dress, your Keds, and rolled up the sleeves of your jean jacket. Are you in third grade? Nope! It’s what you wore casually strolling down SoCo in Austin. Well, at least that’s what everyone else was wearing on a Friday afternoon while sifting through the racks of vintage. At first glance, a jean jacket might not seem like the new happening trend, but really how many people are bold enough to try to make that happen after age eleven? We’ve tried denim everything else, so why wouldn’t this look start to come back around? The denim shirt has gone mainstream, but the cool kids are now ashcool1challenging us to be so bold to make the jacket look good. These girls took it straight back to childhood. Don’t pair your dresses with sandals and a cardigan this year. Wash up your old sneakers (or don’t because that’s even cooler) and roll up your denim sleeves to look casual, simple, but effortless Oh, and don’t forget your backpack, because two out of the three trendsetters accessorized their denim jacket with a mini backpack instead of a messenger. So when I go home I’ll be digging through some old things to see if I can channel my inner elementary child.ashcool3

Heads Will Roll…Back in Time

By Rachel Dean

rachcool2As I sat outside a local taco joint on a very cold, windy Saturday morning in the ever-so-cool Austin, TX, I thought two things: 1.) Today I will find the hippest trendsetters with the most rad duds and 2.) Why did I wear shorts it’s freezing. After walking around downtown and sitting on top of the roof of Whole Foods like a sniper for hours, I realized something horrifying. Austin has lost its cool. Where did all these mainstreamers come from and who let you in here? My findings were rough. But as always, I make lemonade with my lemons and added some twist in, too.

rachcool1Using my rule of three, of course, I concluded an upcoming trend of old school headwear. No, not throwing a bandana in your hair and calling yourself a pin up girl. This isn’t 2011. I saw TOO MANY BANDANAS, for the record. I’m talking 1920’s turbans, 1970’s flower crowns, and 1930’s cloches. Love. It. I’m hoping to see many more of these pop up in fashion. Especially the turban that I’m currently in love with. And of course eager to see what they’ll transform into. Turbans with cool prints, flower crowns becoming flower veils, and who knows, maybe denim cloches. Hopefully not the last. Let’s all keep our eyes peeled for this possible emerging trend.