Brazilian Bliss

By Aleigha Troutman

 Brazil3Lately it seems like everyone is dreaming of vacationing and dipping their feet into a pool of culture. Those lucky enough to actually travel to the places most of us only pin about have come back with loads of inspiration ready to translate into fashion. Kendra Scott just released the Marrakech Collection inspired by the colors and designs of Morocco and the Japanese kimono is making its way into fashion. Hitting a little closer to home, designers are picking up on the Southwestern trend and adding fringe to their collections. We are a culture that loves to be inspired by the world around us, and I think we will continue to head in that direction for Spring/Summer 2016. 

I knew I wanted to pick a country to inspire my forecast, but I wasn’t sure which one to pick. Then I got to thinking. The next few years are pretty important for one country in particular, and I’m sure that with all the global attention it will receive, it is bound to make a mark in fashion too. As hosts of the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Rio De Janeiro 2016 Summer Olympics, mark my words that Brazil is the new place to be. If you can’t go for yourself don’t worry. Soon you’ll be able to have a whole wardrobe all with hints of Brazil.

Brazil1Why? Our Zeitgeist suggests that dominating events, social groups, and attitudes influence fashion. Dominating events always have a way of sneaking onto the runway. With two huge sporting events happening in Brazil, a huge influx of tourists will be visiting the country. We’ve already seen huge growth in the popularity of sportswear, and these events will only make the trend more popular. Each country will bring their best designs to the playing field (literally). I have a feeling we will see them off the field too. Athletes are big influencers in the fashion world, and with all of them in the same place, trends will spread more easily amongst the cool. Media coverage will allow the world to see what these Brazil2athletes dub the new it thing in fashion and apply it around the world. Native tribes of Brazil will influence the tribal trend that we have seen in fashion lately, and outlandish, heavily embellished carnival costumes worn by women will both provide inspiration. We have recognized the dominating attitudes of femininity and empowerment through studying the Zeitgeist. Brazil has a lower masculinity rating than the US, meaning that women are viewed more as equals. American women are striving to become more equal in our society, and will see the Brazilian woman as an ideal. We will be inspired by her independence, beauty, and confidence in her own skin, and will want to dress like her too!

The spirit of the times is moving to Latin America, and Spring/Summer 2016 screams Brazilian Bliss. brazil7It’s a style rich in cultural inspiration and full of bright tropical colors. It emphasizes the beauty of a confident woman and is a mix of the sporty style of the Olympians and the extravagant carnival style. After such an understated time in fashion, I think we’re all ready for something more exciting. I don’t know about you, but I’ll be shaking my tail feather to the beat of the Brazilian drum.

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