Brazilian Bliss – Color Forecast

By Aleigha Troutman

Color and Brazil are practically synonymous. With such vibrant colors in the country’s plants, animals, and people, this forecast couldn’t be anything but fun and full of bold colors. Bird is the word for the colors and patterns of Spring/Summer 2016. These flying sources of color inspiration provide the perfect, ROYGBIV friendly color pallet. Why make up colors when the one already present in Brazil are so beautiful?



I selected 8 colors that I feel will work for our Brazilian Bliss future, and each of them is named to reflect the inspiration behind them. One of my favorites is Blue Parrot. A few years ago Blue Cobalt was a huge hit, so I think this will be successful. Blue Parrot is a true blue that is seen in just about every tropical bird in Brazil. Variations of this color will be used as well, both lighter and brighter. You can’t be inspired by birds and leave out the Toucan. Toucan is a bright, sunny yellow with a slight hint of neon. This will be a more subtle nod to neon yellow. Next is Rio Red, named after the new home of the Summer 2016 Olympics. It’s a bright red with a little orange to it. Women especially will love this color because it reflects the sexiness of a Brazilian woman. Bird of Paradise is an orange-yellow. This color won’t be worn on its own, but will be used as an accent or in mutil-colored prints. Quetzal is a vibrant green color inspired by the bird from whom it got its name and the greenery of Brazil. Green was present in almost every image I found of anything Brazil related, so of course it couldn’t be left out! Don’t be too scared of the bold colors, I’ve selected a few neutrals to balance them out. Brazil Nut is a brown that will be the new black. This color will be seen in interesting textiles that make the sometime bland color a little more exciting. White Coconut will be in the majority of garments. It’s a little easier on the eyes that a true, bright white, and will provide the perfect canvas for fun, colorful patterns. Finally, Collard Puffbird is a sandy tan that will also serve as a neutral to balance out the bold.Brazil4

The key to making these colors work is mixing and lots of nature inspired patterns. Floral prints will continue to be huge, but will take a tropical twist. We will even see birds sneak their way into prints, along with leaves and others types of plants. After a year of gray and pastels, people will be ready to embrace this exciting, somewhat over the top look in all over, colorful prints. It’s the ultimate statement of confidence and individuality, something important to our Zeitgeist. Don’t worry; solid colors will still be in for the less risky. You will see this pallet and prints on everything from evening gowns to athletic wear. I can’t wait to embrace this trend. As if I needed another reason to be excited about summer!

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