Rendering Reality – Color Forecast

By Ashley Gross

rrcolor2Colors inspired by technology doesn’t necessarily mean give a forecast of Technicolor. The hues I predict we can see for spring 2016 will take some inspiration from the vibrancy of all things enhanced by HD, Retina display, or whatever other type of advanced imagery we have these days. As we see life in higher definition, I think we’ll want to see colors that are as vivid as the high definition ones on our screens. Blues will still be prominent in apparel, especially since they are something we associate with technology. If not technology, at least it is the color most identifiable with social media. Bionic and cyber blue are bold blue hues that most directly represent technology’s influence on color. Additionally, since I don’t think we want a closet of all things blue, there will be some hues that gear towards the warmer side of the color wheel. Evermore, tangible, and bright future are all colors that reflect high irrcolor3ntensity, positive outlook, and also feel appropriate for the season. Transcendent, still falling in the red-purple color family, reminds us of a sense of mystery and evokes creativity. This color embodies the sense of wonder we have about our future, as well as encourages us to keep creating and rethinking what is possible. Machine and neoteric are the neutrals for spring 2016 that I see as being more prominent. These neutrals are symbolic of design and innovation with technology. Think like your Macbook Pro, sleek and simple. I think we can also see the gray in metallic colors. Nothing says futuristic quite like looking like you’re wearing aluminum foil! Now what will the most popular prints look like? How about geometric prints that reinvent the art deco movement?rr As I mentioned in my theme, a sense of reality amongst the technology will come from our past, and the decade we most relate to is the 1930s. Art deco was the major movement of that era, and the prints in 2016 will show a computer generated version of the repeating geometric shapes. This will be created through more abstract shapes and the vivid colors of the season. Additionally, texture will be a key part of textiles. If not created through 3-D texture such as fur or specialty yarns, the prints will imitate it. Some patterns will make you think they’re popping right off your outfit. Computer generation and repetition will be apparent in the prints, as well as the reimagining of art deco from decades past. The use of color really will be the representative factor of the future and technology, whereas the prints will be indicative of our inspiration from the past. The combination of the two aspects seamlessly blend to make a bold statement in spring of 2016. Be prepared to dress in vivid, high definition color.


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