Under the Sun

By Courtney Carlson

It’s funny how much the zeitgeist can tell you about where trends are going, even two years down the line. I don’t know what I’m eating for lunch today, but I have an idea about what you’ll be wearing in May of 2016…crazy. So what does my crystal ball see? Based on the health, clean eating, and workout trends that we have been seeing in almost every aspect of the zeitgeist, I see a lot of inspiration from nature coming in in 2016. It’s a bright, outdoorsy mood with a lot of athletic undertones. The push for health that we’ve seen in the zeitgeist mixed with the rising popularity of fun 5k runs and outdoor exercises, I see this as inspiration for the things that we are purchasing in two years time.uts2

Do you know the serene feeling that you get when you’re out on a lake, maybe on a paddleboard or in a canoe? It’s that feeling of calmness and relaxation that the outdoors invoke that leads to the mood of this forecast. WGSN has articles showing their current trends in color, materials, and more…and on there I noticed that 2014 is chock full of boxy cuts and pink and purple hues. What this year has in androgynous cuts, 2016 will have in form-fitting gear perfect for spending time in the outdoors. Another thing that leads me to believe that we will see a shift in direction to a nature-inspired theme in fashion is the current begging for people to be less technology-dependent that is being seen, ironically, all over social media. This was seen in the zeitgeist in discussing some of the dominating attitudes in our society. Putting down the phone and going outside for a little sunshine and fresh air? Inspiration.underthesun

I also noted that the runways earlier this spring in good old New York City were covered in floral prints. Okay, so what does that mean for 2016? Well, I see this trend continuing on and perhaps even becoming more distinguishable. I say this because we have been seeing floral patterns progress for the past few years and have only become more popular throughout that time. I also think it is the perfect foot in the door to have more of a nature-esque feel in fashion because it is subtle, but still leading the way for what is to come later on. So, later on will be covered in nature. Does that mean I expect to see trees as prints on dresses? No, not at all. But that doesn’t mean that there can’t be a little hint of the outdoors in our style.uts

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