Under the Sun – Color Forecast

By Courtney Carlson

Now that we’ve discussed the theme and mood of my forecast for Spring/Summer 2016, we can get to the fun stuff…color. I picked eight colors…and one basic pattern, that I see being huge for the sunny seasons two years from now. First, a recap: the theme and mood that I have found to be popular in 2016 is a nature look due to the uprising popularity of both fitness and outdoor recreation. Because of this, the colors that I have found are all colors that represent the outdoors, health, and serenity.


I found all of my color swatches in old Pantone color charts, so they’re obviously already approved by the pros. The first color, I call Pine because it is very similar to the color of a pine tree. Groundbreaking, I know. This color is representative of the current trend of earthy colors and is a common color in workout gear, which is why it should be making its way into the limelight as one of the two darker summer colors in 2016. The second color, Dark Sands, is another earthy nature color. This is the neutral color or shade of tan that A.) Pairs beautifully with the other colors here and B.) is the best representative of the great outdoors.


My third color in my forecast is titled Seafoam. Simple, yet effective. This lighter and brighter shade of green is perfect for spring and summer and is a shade of green that is fitting for both the grass and the sea. At least one shade of green is popular each summer, so why not one that is perfect for what is currently on trend in other aspects of the zeitgeist, right? Fourth, we have my favorite color of the season, potentially because it’s the closest to my birthstone color, but still. Under the Sea is an airy color that is perfect for cute athletic gear or a bikini while laying out on the beach. Regardless of situation, this color looks perfect outside.


Rosebush is the fourth color comin atcha in 2016, and is the token pink for the summer. While the rest of my forecast shows a movement away from pink, this orange-ish shade still made it’s way in because of how perfect this looks in a floral print. Yeah, floral prints aren’t going anywhere, folks. No need to get rid of your current flowery sundresses for at least another two years. Sunny Straw and Light Sunshine both cover the same purpose, just in different shades. They are light and airy, as well as look hot under the natural sunlight. Pun only slightly intended. My last color is Ocean Navy, which is the perfect dark for slimming athletic gear or a contrast in florals.

Basically, in 2016 you should be stocking up on happier versions of the earth tones currently in your closet. Cute AND easy, right?

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