In My White Tee

By: Sophia Shain

2The go-to when you’ve got no idea what to throw on? A pair of dark wash 3skinny jeans, a nude bra, some comfortable flats or combat boots, and a loose fitting, comfortable V-neck white T-shirt: aka my favorite outfit. There is even a band called the “Plain White T’s.” The where classic meets perfection; the white T-shirt goes with everything. Any color pants, a pencil skirt, shorts- you name it- it literally looks great with anything and everything. It is a style that will never be retired. There is something about a white Tee, you can dress it up or down- but it always seems so effortless, like you just threw it on and walked out of the house.

Coming in a crewneck,5 V-neck, cap sleeve, boyfriend, destroyed, pocket, super soft and scoop neck-everyone most likely owns one of these suckers if not them all. In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, rap and hip-hop artists began wearing “tall-tees”, and a group called DEM FRANCHISE BOYZ, produced a hit song called “In my white Tee.”

Just last year, the famously fashionable chic and simple T-shirt turned 100 years old. The T-shirt started out as men’s underwea1r sometime in the early 19th century when someone decided to cut his long johns into a short sleeved two-piece (Tee Time). It was a comfortable, soft, lightweight knit item men could wear under a uniform or around the house, it was viewed as an undergarment. The U.S Navy made the T-shirt apart of their uniform in 1913 and the U.S army soon followed suit. When men came back from the war, it was what they were wearing.

We all know how something so plain and simple can be turned into a timeless fashion icon. In 1932 USC’s football coach Howard Jones wanted to create a lightweight material that wouldn’t cause a rash on his players skin after they sweat. “Property of USC” became the next biggest thing (LA Times). Every school had their name on that design and still does years later. The White T became a game changer, as the idea “less is more: became more and more popular. When James Dean 4wore the white T in Rebel without a cause in 1953 under a black leather jacket, the world was in love (Tee Time). Disney used the white T when screen print became popular with Mickey Mouse on the front. Designers were plastering their name all over T-shirts, and it became a thing to wear under a bomber jacket. White T shirts range from $10 to $200. Kanye West most recently designed one that retailed for $120, and no shocker here- sold out instantly. Celebs are pictured daily in tabloids sporting the white T with just about anything. The Tee may have been considered underwear at once point, but now it is a forever-famous fashion staple item.

Hunky Junk

By: Kamille Martin

The first trace of men’s undergarments can be traced d0a91ff624cf5d49b95f95f6180506a0back to almost 7,000 years ago. Prehistoric men would cover themselves typically with leather, pharaohs called them shendohs and Native American Indians also wore a type of loincloth. Pharaohs would even be buried with these shendohs incase they needed some coverage in their afterlife. I’m not sure how comfortable/breathable those leather underwear would have been, because if you’ve ever worn leather pants in Texas, the sweating is unstoppable.

Loincloths stayed in existence through the Middle Ages until the braie was invented. A braie is pictured on the bottom left corner of my slide. They were typically light colored and had a drawstring that tied to keep them on. 285_largeBraie’s had more coverage and were longer, so that if men were really hot they could take off their britches and still be modest. The main problem with braies was the drawstring belt, it made quick urinating very difficult. In order to fix this issue the codpiece (not pictured) was invented. A codpiece was very similar, but the drawstring was replaced with buttons, snaps or laces, which allowed the men to urinate without having to pull them down. King Henry VIII (8th) started padding his codpieces in the 16 century; scholars have thought maybe it was to provide male compensation, or that the padding was bandages soaked with medicine to relieve the pain caused by syphilis. Either way the trend of padding codpieces stuck around until 1590.

01-1In 1925, elastic waistbands came into play with these longer types of undergarments in order to be more comfortable and easier to put on and off. Fast-forward 9 years later (1934), the whitey tighties  were invented. Arthur Kneibler an executive and designer for a hosiery company called Coopers Inc. was sent a postcard from a friend in the French Rivera. Pictured in the post card was a male in a bikini-style swimsuit, and that’s where his idea came from. The product and company became wildly popular; in 1971 they changed their name to Jockey.

Boxers becammens-boxerse all the rage at the end of WWII, but they were not an immediate success. Since they are so loose fitting they didn’t provide much support like the previous undergarments that men were used to. In the 1970s/80s designer underwear made a huge splash with tighter, sexier, and often humorous designs. Some of the most popular were Calvin Klein and Joe Boxer.Mark-Wahlberg-Calvin-Klein-Ad-CampaignPictured to the right,  Mark Walberg in a 1990 Calvin Klein ad. We saw and are still seeing many celebrity ads for their company and many female celebrities have been pictured lately in Klein underwear. In 1985 Joe Boxer made the headlines when the Secret Service took 1,000 pairs of boxers that had US $100 bills printed on them, because they said it violated forgery laws.

Luckily today, we mostly see boxers and boxer briefs. Unfortunately, not every male body looks as hunky as Mark Walberg’s.


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Seeker of the Sneaker

By: Hailey Sands

You’re walking down the street, and suddenly, you see a girl wearing high-top converse. You think to yourself, “ Who’s that chick that’s rocking kicks? She’s gotta be from out of town.”Picture6 Now before you go putting your hands up, take a breath and embrace the comeback of the plimsolls sneaker. But you’re probably thinking, “only basketball players rock Jay’s on their feet!” Yes, they do and so do I, so get like us. Now you’re probably just thinking, “wow Miley makes way too many references to shoes,” that I do agree with. However, Miley isn’t the only obsessed with sneakers, the rest of the world is too and it’s time you add some sick kicks to your wardrobe.

Before you transcend into sneaker head culture, allow me to give you some history. Now, there is some debate on who was the original pioneer of the sneaker, some say it was Keds, and some say it was Converse.Picture5 The real story here is that Marquis Mills Converse, opened the Converse Rubber Shoe Company in 1908 where he began producing 4,000 shoes daily whereas Keds created their canvas tops, rubber sole sneaker in 1916. The mac daddy of the tennis shoes was created in in 1917, which was the Converse All-Star basketball shoe named the “Chuck Taylor” after the basketball player himself. It took on the name “sneaker” because the shoe was so silent those wearing it could sneak up on someone without being heard.

Fast forward to 1984, where the world as we know it was forever changed by the introduction of the Air Jordan.Picture1 Picture3 You might think I’m being dramatic, sure. But try telling that to the people who stand in line for 48 hours in 13 degree weather for a pair of these each year. Or don’t, because sneaker heads have literally been shot over getting their annual Jordans. These shoes were revolutionary because basketball shoes were all white prior to them, so color endorsed by MJ himself literally blew the minds of fans globally. No, you weren’t going to be as good as Mike, but you were going to look cool as hell trying.

Today these bad boys aren’t just made for basketball, they’re being worn on girls and boys alike, adding a sporty street vibe to high fashion and street wear. Sneakers are changing the game because high fashion is taking notes from the streets on what’s cool.Picture4 Chanel has even done a sneaker collab with Reebok.Picture7 Rap culture is making waves in fashion, I mean just look a Kanye West, it makes sense that street style has become one of fashions biggest trends. This trickle up theory is trickling its way onto the feet of every celeb and blogger these days and its time you copped yourself a pair of fresh kicks. Rock yours with black skinnies and a blazer or a flowy skirt and cardigan, either way you’ll be running things around town.


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Just A Simple Formula

 By: Vanessa Jimenez

Fashion trends can be pretty easy to spot. In some cases, they are punch you in the face obvious they are so simple.

Can you ever remember a time when boots have not been in your fall outfit? Long boots to your knees are so overrated, so you are looking for the perfect update to your lace up versions of seasons past. You should consider the Chelsea boot9 this time around. Picture7Expose those legs and cover up those ankles, continue the trendy ankle boot from the 70’s that will effortlessly fit with any pair of jeans. Of course the Jimmy Choo Patent Ankle Boots are just the perfect tease for inspiration for an outfit. Use this sexy cut out bootie to play with the notions of revealing a seductive feel, which is the perfect shoe for fall when beginning to layer up.

This seasons common color seems to be true blue. From cobalt to indigo, teal to royalty, get all of your bases covered12 . Instead of looking for new ways to upd11ate your denim jeans, just take a look at designers that are taking it back to blue indigo wash of the 70’s. This trend was found under the article “Meet The New Denim: Indigo,” and will take you from your end of summer look to fall. Picks of glitter and metallic will have you sparkling all season long as which is found under “Razzle Dazzle.” This will certainly bring an edgy look that can be styled with a basic white tee.

10Just because it is fall, it does not mean prints have to come toPicture8 an end. In the “Luxe for Less” article, printed sweaters that look like fresh paint jobs it the total look for fall. Transmitting colorful, trippy patterns appears to be part of mixed prints with textures, which is founder under “Fiber Optics.” Of course you must always have your oversized heavy wool sweater handy for any occasion.

These trends market easily to a variety of ages as well as continue to be a continuation of this summers trends. These trends have regenerated from past fashions and are just a simple formula for your fashion forward outfit this fall.


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Cozy Coats, Fierce Fur, Silk Scarves

 Fall Into The Season With Style

By: Hailey Sands

As Fashion Week 2014 wraps up, we can begin wrapping ourselves up in oversized coats, fur, and silk scarfs. Thumbing through the pages of this month’s edition of VOGUE one can’t help but notice these trends that are hitting the pages and the runway in, well, a big way.

First, coats were all over the pages. And these aren’t you mother’s fall coats, these coats are seemingly fit for the most stylish of giants. Picture1Seriously, these guys are full of volume and could possibly act as a shelter if stranded in the wilderness. These lofty coats will be perfect for the post Thanksgiving “food baby” and pre Black Friday shopping trek to the mall. Our favorite designers like Calvin Klein, McQueen, and Rochas have all been going big with their coats this season. And after looking at the Rochas daisy print opera coat, I’m onboard with this in an even bigger way.

Picture2We’re also seeing fur shake its way back into the scene being used on coats, collars and accessories. And these furs are demanding to be seen with their wild prints and bold colors. Designers like Louis Vuitton, Marni Arctic, Gucci, and Picture5Chloé are all playing their hand in furs. Ranging from traditional animal prints, patchwork, and bold colors these fierce furs will steal the show and your heart.

Now, it’s nothing new to see scarfs being done during the fall. But this season we’re being reintroduced to scarves as the new “it” jewelry item. The “Fit to be Tied” Picture4editorial in this month’s Vogue predict that the silk scarf will, “work just as fantastically with the new season’s deep-V sweaters as it will with a gossamer evening gown.” Picture3These silky beauties are popping up with pops of colors and fun prints from designers like Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, and Prada With both function and style you can bet that your neck will be looking fabulous, classy, and cozy this fall.

In my opinion, fall is the best season of them all, especially when it comes to fashion. After seeing these looks emerging off and on the runway, I have a feeling this fall is going to be especially great. So get yourself a pumpkin spice late, a pair of Karen Walker sunglasses, and make sure to be on top of these fierce new trends!


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Welcome To The Jungle

Leopards, Snakes and… Wooly Sheep?

By: Katie Griffin

No, that’s not a list of animals from the zoo. Rather, they are part of the overwhelming nature theme that the fall season seems to be hauling in. Among the trends are animal prints, nature – and more specifically fall – inspired colors, and curly fur. Afraid you aren’t cut out to wear a snake print maxi dress?WTTJ4 Never fear; slither into a simple dark green one and you’re set to make an impression.

WTTJ6WTTJ5 Animal prints seem to be sticking around these days. We’ve had wild cats for a while, but now snake print is also making a splash. If you aren’t into donning an outfit that matches your inner animal, perhaps a slim scarf or a handbag will suit your tastes. The prints are coming in all forms from shirts and pants to suits and dresses and all varieties of accessories. If this continues, perhaps we’ll have fish and bird prints next. After all, who doesn’t want to fly away? In any case, it’s time to pick a side – cats or reptiles – in the battle of fashion dominance. Share with your friend which print you like more. Just be careful; it’s a jungle out there.

WTTJ2A trend I’m highly fond of is the focus on fall colors. The main two colors include green (especially darker greens) and bright bold red. There aren’t any two colors that better represent fall. The beautiful color of the leaves and grass just before dusk when the light enhances their oily green is amazing. And you certainly can’t forget about the luminous red leaves and sunsets spent in sweaters with lovers. The two colors contrast each other so well while still carrying the strength and beauty of fall within them. It would be a shame to miss out on this trend so grab up some color before all the leaves have fallen.

welcome to the jungle Finally, there’s the curly wool. Unlike traditional fur coats with their smooth, silky, well-manicured textures, the curly wool coats look like they just came out of the barn – the style barn, that is. A little wild, the curly wool will keep you warm while also saying ‘snuggle me’. Very cute and very soft, it’s like owning your own sheep without all the mess. Adopt one from Gucci Farms today!

As the temperatures cool down, we are gearing up for a wild fall.WTTJ3 After hunting down leopards and anacondas, you’d think a girl would have everything she needs for a season. But instead she still has to rake up some leaves and care for her newest wooly family member. Your work never stops and neither should your fashion. Find you the deals you deserve without the hassle. In the meantime fashionettes, stay wild!


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