Welcome To The Jungle

Leopards, Snakes and… Wooly Sheep?

By: Katie Griffin

No, that’s not a list of animals from the zoo. Rather, they are part of the overwhelming nature theme that the fall season seems to be hauling in. Among the trends are animal prints, nature – and more specifically fall – inspired colors, and curly fur. Afraid you aren’t cut out to wear a snake print maxi dress?WTTJ4 Never fear; slither into a simple dark green one and you’re set to make an impression.

WTTJ6WTTJ5 Animal prints seem to be sticking around these days. We’ve had wild cats for a while, but now snake print is also making a splash. If you aren’t into donning an outfit that matches your inner animal, perhaps a slim scarf or a handbag will suit your tastes. The prints are coming in all forms from shirts and pants to suits and dresses and all varieties of accessories. If this continues, perhaps we’ll have fish and bird prints next. After all, who doesn’t want to fly away? In any case, it’s time to pick a side – cats or reptiles – in the battle of fashion dominance. Share with your friend which print you like more. Just be careful; it’s a jungle out there.

WTTJ2A trend I’m highly fond of is the focus on fall colors. The main two colors include green (especially darker greens) and bright bold red. There aren’t any two colors that better represent fall. The beautiful color of the leaves and grass just before dusk when the light enhances their oily green is amazing. And you certainly can’t forget about the luminous red leaves and sunsets spent in sweaters with lovers. The two colors contrast each other so well while still carrying the strength and beauty of fall within them. It would be a shame to miss out on this trend so grab up some color before all the leaves have fallen.

welcome to the jungle Finally, there’s the curly wool. Unlike traditional fur coats with their smooth, silky, well-manicured textures, the curly wool coats look like they just came out of the barn – the style barn, that is. A little wild, the curly wool will keep you warm while also saying ‘snuggle me’. Very cute and very soft, it’s like owning your own sheep without all the mess. Adopt one from Gucci Farms today!

As the temperatures cool down, we are gearing up for a wild fall.WTTJ3 After hunting down leopards and anacondas, you’d think a girl would have everything she needs for a season. But instead she still has to rake up some leaves and care for her newest wooly family member. Your work never stops and neither should your fashion. Find you the deals you deserve without the hassle. In the meantime fashionettes, stay wild!


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