Just A Simple Formula

 By: Vanessa Jimenez

Fashion trends can be pretty easy to spot. In some cases, they are punch you in the face obvious they are so simple.

Can you ever remember a time when boots have not been in your fall outfit? Long boots to your knees are so overrated, so you are looking for the perfect update to your lace up versions of seasons past. You should consider the Chelsea boot9 this time around. Picture7Expose those legs and cover up those ankles, continue the trendy ankle boot from the 70’s that will effortlessly fit with any pair of jeans. Of course the Jimmy Choo Patent Ankle Boots are just the perfect tease for inspiration for an outfit. Use this sexy cut out bootie to play with the notions of revealing a seductive feel, which is the perfect shoe for fall when beginning to layer up.

This seasons common color seems to be true blue. From cobalt to indigo, teal to royalty, get all of your bases covered12 . Instead of looking for new ways to upd11ate your denim jeans, just take a look at designers that are taking it back to blue indigo wash of the 70’s. This trend was found under the article “Meet The New Denim: Indigo,” and will take you from your end of summer look to fall. Picks of glitter and metallic will have you sparkling all season long as which is found under “Razzle Dazzle.” This will certainly bring an edgy look that can be styled with a basic white tee.

10Just because it is fall, it does not mean prints have to come toPicture8 an end. In the “Luxe for Less” article, printed sweaters that look like fresh paint jobs it the total look for fall. Transmitting colorful, trippy patterns appears to be part of mixed prints with textures, which is founder under “Fiber Optics.” Of course you must always have your oversized heavy wool sweater handy for any occasion.

These trends market easily to a variety of ages as well as continue to be a continuation of this summers trends. These trends have regenerated from past fashions and are just a simple formula for your fashion forward outfit this fall.


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