Seeker of the Sneaker

By: Hailey Sands

You’re walking down the street, and suddenly, you see a girl wearing high-top converse. You think to yourself, “ Who’s that chick that’s rocking kicks? She’s gotta be from out of town.”Picture6 Now before you go putting your hands up, take a breath and embrace the comeback of the plimsolls sneaker. But you’re probably thinking, “only basketball players rock Jay’s on their feet!” Yes, they do and so do I, so get like us. Now you’re probably just thinking, “wow Miley makes way too many references to shoes,” that I do agree with. However, Miley isn’t the only obsessed with sneakers, the rest of the world is too and it’s time you add some sick kicks to your wardrobe.

Before you transcend into sneaker head culture, allow me to give you some history. Now, there is some debate on who was the original pioneer of the sneaker, some say it was Keds, and some say it was Converse.Picture5 The real story here is that Marquis Mills Converse, opened the Converse Rubber Shoe Company in 1908 where he began producing 4,000 shoes daily whereas Keds created their canvas tops, rubber sole sneaker in 1916. The mac daddy of the tennis shoes was created in in 1917, which was the Converse All-Star basketball shoe named the “Chuck Taylor” after the basketball player himself. It took on the name “sneaker” because the shoe was so silent those wearing it could sneak up on someone without being heard.

Fast forward to 1984, where the world as we know it was forever changed by the introduction of the Air Jordan.Picture1 Picture3 You might think I’m being dramatic, sure. But try telling that to the people who stand in line for 48 hours in 13 degree weather for a pair of these each year. Or don’t, because sneaker heads have literally been shot over getting their annual Jordans. These shoes were revolutionary because basketball shoes were all white prior to them, so color endorsed by MJ himself literally blew the minds of fans globally. No, you weren’t going to be as good as Mike, but you were going to look cool as hell trying.

Today these bad boys aren’t just made for basketball, they’re being worn on girls and boys alike, adding a sporty street vibe to high fashion and street wear. Sneakers are changing the game because high fashion is taking notes from the streets on what’s cool.Picture4 Chanel has even done a sneaker collab with Reebok.Picture7 Rap culture is making waves in fashion, I mean just look a Kanye West, it makes sense that street style has become one of fashions biggest trends. This trickle up theory is trickling its way onto the feet of every celeb and blogger these days and its time you copped yourself a pair of fresh kicks. Rock yours with black skinnies and a blazer or a flowy skirt and cardigan, either way you’ll be running things around town.


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