American Gigolo| Giorgio Armani

By: Anna Waggoner

Have you ever seen an Instagram post that claims to be a picture of “Monday morning coffee” but really you know its all about the fabulous jewelry on the hand holding the cup, or the brand new shoes peeping out at the bottom of the picture? Well the 1980s movie American GigoloPicture10 is not much different from these posts. Plot aside, this movie was all about the Armani. Giorgio Armani changed the way men dressed in the 80s, and this movie served as one of the most iconic displays of his style.

The story takes place in the opulent city of Beverly Hills, California, where the secret and scandalous lives of the most fabulous elite are exposed thanks to the movie’s director Paul Schrader. A gorgeous male escort bPicture12y the name of Julian Kaye is framed for a murder that he didn’t commit, and ironically ends up murdering the man who framed him. He develops a side relationship with a Californian senator’s wife, who ends up saving Julian from a life in jail with her alibi, exposing their affair, so that she and Julian might be together. Though a love story at the end, the movie leaves very little to the imagination about the graphic and sensual lifestyles of male escorts in the 80s, and the range of customers they served. Though some of the wealthiest people in the world, very few characters show in the movie seem to be fully happy. Schrader captured the emptiness and loneliness of their elitist lifestyles, and the drastic measures that they would go to in order to find fulfillment.

Now that you know the basic plot, lets get back to the fashion, shall we? The scene where Julian is laying out his outfits and mixing and matching his fabulous Armani ties and shirts is one of the most iconic and influential scenes in film historyPicture11. Armani used bold colors and lighter fabrics than men had been accustomed to at this time. The dangerously attractive protagonist Julian Kaye is even seen influencing other’s styles in the movie as well, such as the detective who is trying to convict him. Throughout the movie there is a heavy influence put on the wardrobe, which changed the way movies were styled in the years to come. All this being said, lets not forget about the amazing wardrobe of Lauren Hutton throughout the movie as well. Her staple red Bottega Veneta clutch compliments every effortless outfit she dawns, especially her Armani trench coat, both of which are still coveted by women today.

Picture13Today Armani continues to lead the suit business, both for men as well as women. The relaxed style of suit has not gone out of style since it was introduced in the 80s, and continues to remain a classic look for men today. Do YOU see much difference between the dapper Richard Gere and the stunning Christian Bale?



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