Out Of This World

By: Belle Wilmot

Pierre Cardin est un homme Français né en Italie avec un sens intéressant de design. For those of you who don’t happen to be a French language extraordinaire like myself, thanks to Google Translate, that means that Pierre Cardin is a Frenchmen who was born in Italy with a very interesting sense of design.

Picture1So, first, let’s talk about his humble beginnings. Cardin’s first few working years were an extremely busy time for him where he went from one job to another. His interPicture4est in fashion began early when he started working with a clothier in France when he was 14 years old, where he first learned the basics of fashion design and the construction of clothing. From there, at the age of 17, he moved from home and began making suits for women. Fast-forward to 1945, at the age of 24, when he moved to Paris and studied architecture, all while working with the fashion house Paquin and then with Elsa Schiaparelli until he finally became head of Christian Dior’s atelier in 1947. After working there for 3 years Cardin spread his wings and launched his own fashion house, with no ill feelings from Dior as it is reported that he would send his surplus of clients Cardin’s way, which helped his client base and recoPicture5gnition grow.

Pierre’s design aesthetic is very unique and he is known for being the forerunner of Space Age fashion and especially known for his avant-garde style. Through his designs his background in architecture shines through brightly. He is known for playing with shapes, line, contours, volume, and cuts with very little emphasis on the female figure, which make his designs stand out from many of his counterparts. Working with Paquin’s fashion house, Schiaparelli and Dior could have only influenced him exponentially as they were all known for their standout and innovative designs. Cardin had huge dreams when opening his own fashion house and remains designer, owner and chief executive with no sign of that changing anytime in the near future.

Picture3   Not only does Pierre Cardin own and run his design houPicture2se but has dabbled in many other career paths, as he has been doing since he was a young boy. Cardin designed the famous bubble house in the Mediterranean, which again show off his eccentric design aesthetic and expertise in many different fields. Cardin has also had his hand in car design, the perfume industry, the cigarette market, with a line of accessories including watches and sunglasses, a line of luxury pens, and the list of unusual things that make him an extremely smart business man continue to infinity and beyond. Pierre has been quoted saying: “I will have owned it all, without it owning me” and to say the very least this is nothing but true for this successfully talented man.


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