Dear Diary

By: Katie Griffin

Jennifer’s Diary DO NOT READ was sprawled across the first page of the old, tattered book. Jennifer, in her mid-sixties, was taking a short trip down memory lane. She randomly flipped open her old journal and began reading.

Dear Diary, Michael took me to see Saturday Night Picture1Fever. That movie is so far out! John sure knows how to boogie, you know. Michael should learn from him. There’s supposed to be a party at Amy’s this weekend and rumor says there’ll be a lot of heads there. She does like to pardy hardy. I’m not sure if I wanna go, but I’ve been needing to get more doobies for a whi-Jennifer flipped to another page.

Dear Diary, have you heard Lennon’s Imagine? It’s not something to get down to, but like it’s really chill. Some of my friePicture2nds say it’s a drag, but it’s nice to have a tune to mellow out. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather boogie with the Bee Gees or Earth, Wind, and Fire. But with all the talk about war and Vietnam… More pages flipped.

Dear Diary, I went shopping Picture3for threads today and found the niftiest shirt! It has a big rainbow smiley face on it. It’s totally groovy. And tomorrow I’m getting my hair cut like Farrah’s! I’ll be the foxiest lady at the beach. Maybe even as pretty as Laura. Well…probably not. But Michael will still have to notice me! It’s going to be-she flipped to another section of the diary.

Dear Diary, here’s the real skinny – Pong is the gPicture4reatest thing ever. Who could have imagined we could play games on a screen!? I’m more addicted to this than Amy is to shagging. Don’t tell anyone, but I heard she might be knocked up. I hope she’s not cause that would be like such a drag, you know. The pages turned again.Picture5

Dear Diary, two words: Ziggy. Stardust. That was all the entry contained.

Jennifer sat there for a while, smiling and reflecting on her 20’s. It had been such a wild time. Everyone was about peace and mellowness. The youth had a lot of sway and clothing had ranged from hippie psychedelic styles to the glitter and glory of more outstanding outfits. But it all seemed to fit together in a crazy mess somehow. Jennifer had tended more towards the earthy side, but she had friends who were on the other end of the spectrum. There was a switch in beauty, with celebrities and models like Farrah Fawcett, Laura Hutton, and Cheryl Tiegs bringing the tanned ‘All-American’ look to the forefront. She contemplated how much new technology had been introduced from floppy disks and video games to ethernet, liposuction, and the all-important cell phones and walkmans. Music varied widely from glam pop to disco to New Wave towards the end. As Jennifer sat there thinking about her past, she realized how much the things of her youth had influenced and were still affecting today’s beauty, technology, and music. She smiled.


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