Welcome to Rio!

By: Lesile Hillebrenner

Welcome to Rio!

Picture3Over the past few years, Rio has been emerging as a hot spot for fun and color. It was first re-introduced to the world and to my generation with the movie RIO about two love-struck macaws. While out of our age range, the movie still tugged at our childlike heartstrings and made us shake our tail feathers. This theme of color and fun will follow us into 2016.

Picture5The theme RIO will take over the Spring/Summer 2016 runways with the inspiration from the 2016 Summer Olympics, which are set to be held in Rio de Janeiro. The logo for the 2016 Olympics already represents the theme through the bold color choices and fun movement.

Picture1 The look for this theme will be bold colors mimicking the bright birds found in Rio. A good representation of this would be from designer Manish Arora from India. Arora designs bold garments that could be found on any runway or showgirl.

His designs remind the eye of the classic Rio showgirl, walking the parade in an array of feathers and sparkle and not much else.Picture12

The color choices for this theme will range from lime, blue, fuchsia, to navy. All colors previously chosen by Pantone to represent Rio in a fashionable way.

This theme will be carried into homes and cars alike with the minimalist ideals fading out and the bright colors leading the way for the summer trends. The trend of bright popping accent décor is already present in today’s trends slowing fading away from the neutrals of the fall.

Picture4Rio hit the news lately when Jared Leto was seen there with his band 30 seconds to Mars.Picture6 Leto posted many videos with the people of Rio at his concerts as well as throughout his stay. With the popularity of Leto rising among the mainstream, Leto brought awareness to Rio like we hadn’t seen in many years.

With the help of Leto and the movie Rio alongside the hosting of the Olympic games, Rio de Janeiro is in good stanPicture7dings to become not only a hotspot of Brazil, but across the world. And the constant fantastic chaos that is the city will do nothing but aid in the creation of Rio as a culture to be mimicked and an ideal to adapt to.






Bold Minimalistic

By: Joy Ramey

What I envision for Women’s Spring and Summer 2016 are bright and bold colors that will last all season. All styles and silhouettes will be minimalistic but with bold colors the style will sure make a statement. The theme would be called “Bold Minimalistic”. Picture14There will be solid colored shift dresses and tops just to name a few that are to be paired with neutrals for the spring season. The focus of the outfit would be the bright, bold pop of color that is apart of the outfit. Even though the outfit has a minimalist look, what makes it exciting is the pop of bright color that could be used through tops, pants, or even a handbag.

Picture16 Just like the first signs of spring after a long winter, the same goes for the outfits in Spring 2016. As the colors of Spring flowers begin appearing, bright pops of color in outfits will also be appearing. The mood of this trend will be all about a bold, solid color that is refreshing and energizing.

The target market for this trend will be all ages of women but specifically ages 18-35. This age group will probably be most likely to interpret this trend the best. Yet, pretty much anyone at any age could pull of this trend on minimalism with a pop of color.

When this look is paired with classic silhouettes, the inspiration for this look could be taken from the 60s or 70s. The style has almost a mod look with solid bright colors. This style is always reoccurring. This trend could also relate to the Audrey Hepburn era. Where classic and simple silhouettes and styles were prominent. The trend “Bold Minimalistic” will definitely have elements of it will defiantly be evident in this trend for women’s spring 2016.

Picture13 I feel that most designers would likely be supporting this look of minimalism. It is an easy trend that can be created and followed by many. This trend could be worn to work, running errands, or out on the town with friends. Picture15This style really is simple and is easy to include in any of ones outfits for spring.

This is a trend that could carry into other categories other than apparel. The trend “Bold Minimalism” could also easily be used in home design, art, and many other varieties of subjects. This style has been a popular choice before when it comes to apparel and home design as well as other areas, but trends come and go and when this trend comes back it should be your go-to. Its simplicity makes a big statement. This trend may not be anything that we haven’t seen before, but “Bold Minimalist” will sure make a statement with bright, bold colors this spring 2016.



By: Picture8Chelsea Cater

Fashionistas get those credit cards and benjamins ready and head to your favorite store. The fashion craze of spring/summer 2016 is a kaleidoscope of bright colors and geometric prints. With winter bringing about fashion blahs, designers and consumers want something to revamp their wardrobe and what better way then bright colors and bold prints, so ladies put those animal prints away! The 60Picture9’s have returned. While looking through one at a toy store, I realized how the bright colors and ever changing patterns made me smile and reminded me of how unique everyone of them is. This inspired the kaleidoscope look of geometric shapes with bright colors to make the consumers feel happy and carefree. This mood is playful, edgy, unique and ever changing just like a kaleidoscope. The bright colors are flattering to all body types and the geometric prints prove to be slimming by redirecting the eye away from trouble areas and moving the eye towards the bigger picture, which is the geometric shapes, which is the reason why you are buying the outfit.Picture10 Designers such as Michael Kors, Diane Von Furstenberg, Versace and smaller designers in department stores are already jumping aboard this fashion craze. If you want to make a statement when you walk into a room, this trend is for you. The style is a simple look with the prints making the statement. To achieve this look a two-piece matching set or a simple A-line dress with bold colors and prints, with little to no accessories required. A well-known singer that supports this look is Katy Perry; whose colorful costumes and constant wardrobe changes dominates her shows. Katy loves color and is not afraid to flaunt it, whether it is in her clothes or her hair colors. Picture12Other stars like Rihanna, Kelly Osborne, Lady Gaga and Nicole Richie are also famous for sporting geometric color in their wardrobe. Someone who wears this style is confident, and likes to be the center of attention. Women of all ages can support this look, from teenagers to the moms in their 50’s still trying to look hot. We have seen some of these looks already but they will fully be broadcast on the runways that are showing 2016’s new looks. To fully show off this new look models will have slicked back ponytails and nude makeup on. This will allow the geometric shapes and coPicture11lors to be the main focus and they will pop! Designers can target their consumers in different ways. For the young consumers, the prints should be on crop tops, shorts and peddle pushers. For the average consumer the prints should be placed on simple ensembles and a lined dresses.  For the plus size ladies, prints should be strategically placed to redirect the eye from trouble areas such as the waist and thighs. Prints and colors can be a woman’s best friend! Spring 2016 will prove to be a great time in fashion.  With a wide variety of colors and prints, there is something for everyone. Don’t be afraid to try something different. Be brave, go bold and flaunt it!


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