Welcome to Rio!

By: Lesile Hillebrenner

Welcome to Rio!

Picture3Over the past few years, Rio has been emerging as a hot spot for fun and color. It was first re-introduced to the world and to my generation with the movie RIO about two love-struck macaws. While out of our age range, the movie still tugged at our childlike heartstrings and made us shake our tail feathers. This theme of color and fun will follow us into 2016.

Picture5The theme RIO will take over the Spring/Summer 2016 runways with the inspiration from the 2016 Summer Olympics, which are set to be held in Rio de Janeiro. The logo for the 2016 Olympics already represents the theme through the bold color choices and fun movement.

Picture1 The look for this theme will be bold colors mimicking the bright birds found in Rio. A good representation of this would be from designer Manish Arora from India. Arora designs bold garments that could be found on any runway or showgirl.

His designs remind the eye of the classic Rio showgirl, walking the parade in an array of feathers and sparkle and not much else.Picture12

The color choices for this theme will range from lime, blue, fuchsia, to navy. All colors previously chosen by Pantone to represent Rio in a fashionable way.

This theme will be carried into homes and cars alike with the minimalist ideals fading out and the bright colors leading the way for the summer trends. The trend of bright popping accent décor is already present in today’s trends slowing fading away from the neutrals of the fall.

Picture4Rio hit the news lately when Jared Leto was seen there with his band 30 seconds to Mars.Picture6 Leto posted many videos with the people of Rio at his concerts as well as throughout his stay. With the popularity of Leto rising among the mainstream, Leto brought awareness to Rio like we hadn’t seen in many years.

With the help of Leto and the movie Rio alongside the hosting of the Olympic games, Rio de Janeiro is in good stanPicture7dings to become not only a hotspot of Brazil, but across the world. And the constant fantastic chaos that is the city will do nothing but aid in the creation of Rio as a culture to be mimicked and an ideal to adapt to.






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