Pretty Baby, You Look So Edgy

By: Dannielle Davis

What do you think of when it comes to Debbie Harry’s iconic style? Perhaps what immediately comes to mind are monochromatic looks, denim, and stripes. Are you kidding me? Dig a little bit deeper, Debbie Harry is so much more than that. She has the power to wear all types of different prints and fabrications and look absolutely divine without any criticism. She truly is a style chameleon. Not just anyone can pull it off, but if you’re Debbie Harry, you surely can.Picture5

Debbie’s aura of punk style can clearly be seen through such fabrics as alluring velvet, classic leather, and delicate chiffon. Although these fabrics are all very different from one another in the hand and weight of the fabric, they come together when exemplified by Debbie Harry. A soft and more feminine side can be shown when wearing a nice hue ofPicture2 cranberry velvet pants or leggings. A tougher side can be portrayed when charcoal grey leather pants, boots, or a jacket is worn. And, you can be edgy, feminine, and slightly sexy in a sheer chiffon top paired with a bralette showing a little bit of skin but not exposing too much. An unexpected leather dress is also an unexpected mix of edgy and femininity. None of these fabrics can go wrong if you’re trying to channel Debbie in your wardrobe. She is the perfect example of versatility. So Picture3keep them guessing and wanting more from your style, instead of sticking to monotonous textiles and prints. Not only could she pull off three completely different types of fabrics, she can also adore her fans and fashionistas in an array of prints. From abstract paint blotch patterns to organic lines and to a variety of animal prints, such as leopard, zebra, tiger, and giraffe, she truly has an eye for understated fashion. Printed jumpsuits, dresses, tops, and jackets are necessities in your wardrobe. You may find these prints to be a little out there and maybe hard to wear, but paired with the right fabrics and an ‘IDGAF’ attitude, you can’t go wrong. Not only do these prints draw attention to the eye, but they also give the illusion of added texture to each ensemble. With the illusion of texture in prints and wearing fabulous fabrics, you are surPicture1e to be the envy of all your friends.

Picture4These prints and fabrications aren’t off limits exclusively to Debbie, you too can channel Debbie in your wardrobe. With the comeback of 70’s fashion in today’s market, velvet, leather, chiffon, animal, and abstract prints are all the rage. This tough, yet, pretty girl knows exactly how to stick with her edge, but allowing her toughness to remain pretty through the combination of fabrics and prints that one my not always imagine go together and completely owning it. You too can be a style chameleon. So, don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, have that ‘IDGAF’ attitude, and be that edgy pretty girl you know you are deep down inside. There’s a Debbie in all of us.


Debbie Harry Leopard Print Dress:

Debbie Harry Chiffon Top and Leather Pants:

Debbie Harry Yellow Abstract Print Jacket:

Velvet Leggings:

Paint Splatter Skirt:

We All Scream for Ice Cream…Or Just Debbie Harry

By: Alicia Drever

When people think of punk singers and their sense of style, most probably envision only 2 colors: black white. On the contrary, Blondie’s lead singer Debbie Harry’s clothing color wheel is so much more than that. She wears dark, rich cranberry reds, charcoal greys, dark blues, gold and even cream! Even though Debbie Harry has worn her fair share of prints and textures, she has created quite a variety of colors amongst her wardrobe.Picture3

“If your love was as sweet as mine” sets the vibe with a bold and edgy cranberry red hue representing the depth of her love. Charcoal grey gives off a cooler tone, which corresponds, to Harry singing about going out without her guy. Of course the dark blue gives off a more sad yet dominant shade. She is “blue” about her guy being seen with another girl…even Debbie is only human, right?! The gold and cream colors are great neutrals, which perfectly complement the three main colors. They represent softness and how she is the ultimate “Sunday girl”. These colors embody Debbie’s daring and confident side, as well as her soft, gentle side.Picture2

Cranberry red can be used in a variety of ways throughout your life whether it’s in shoes, apparel or even housewares. Picture1Harry loves to sport red lips, too. It’s such a bold color that brings attention to itself. In terms of color, it is the Queen Bey of hues. I don’t know about you, but when I think of charcoal grey, I think of a cool, ‘IDGAF’ attitude. From a grey top to a smoky eye, this color is all about being urban, like Harry’s punk roots. In fact, the smoky eye is one of the things that make her face pop. It draws the attention away from her hair and draws the eye to her face. One of the main colors in Debbie Harry’s wardrobe is blue. Not only does she wear all different shades of blue, she sings about the color as well. She has even been spotted wearing bright blue eye Picture4shadow! The darker blues make her look more intense and really makes her platinum blonde hair stick out. I think it’s safe to say that blue is one of her favorite colors. As punk as Debbie Harry was and is, she paired cream with many of her outfits. She would casually throw on a cream blazer, spaghetti strap dress or even cream-colored shoes to soften up a look. Another great neutral she sporPicture5ted was gold. From gold jewelry and belts to her straight locks, she wore it well. I mean, those gold locks and bangs are her signature look. She would not be Debbie Harry without them.

Now I think we can all rest assured and agree that this color story makes it so simple for us to channel our inner Debbie Harry at any given time. Whether we want to bold and spontaneous or have a simpler look paired with neutrals, it can be done! So next time you are thinking about putting together an edgy yet soft look, think to yourself WWDHD…What would Debbie Harry Do?


Cranberry shoes:

Charcoal grey look:

Debbie Harry pic:

Gold necklace:

Cream blazer:

Call on Sunday

By: Rebecca Beskow

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘Sunday’? Do you think about the day of the week that we use to get ready for a grueling work week ahead? Or of an ice cream sundae? What do both of these have in common you may ask. Well my friends, it is Debbie Harry, lead singer of Blondie.Picture5

The punk scene in New York was drastically changed by the group Blondie and their lead singer Debbie Harry. Her style and catchy voice created a dark yet playful mood that fascinated people. With songs like “Heart of Glass” and “Call me”, Blondie has shown their versatility of upbeat and girly to sultry and tough.

The lyrics “cold as ice cream but still as sweet” Picture2from the Blondie song, “Sunday Girl”, speak of a girl that is sweet, but with an edge. She is fierce but gentle, with an effortless, feminine flare. With her wild blonde hair, smoky eyes, and accents of color and patterns, Debbie Harry is this girl. Along with the cool girl chic look, her two toned hair throws a wild twist on the Sunday girl — there is a sense of danger on bottom and angelic platinum blonde flowing on top. And for the past 40 years Harry has rocked the signature style that she started in the 1970s. Blondie has influenced generations of people and inspired them to embrace their own punk, new wave rocker style.

A modern day Sunday girl that embodies the juxtaposition of glamour and punk is the model-turned college student Cara Delevingne. Picture4Her quirky girly style embodies the sweet Sunday girl mood through her flirty skirts and smorgasbord of prints. Cara incorporates Harry’s style with her smoky eyes, bold eyebrows, and effortlessly cool ensembles. When Cara is rocking a casual fitted tee, ripped denim, and a sprinkle of pink on her lips, it is a homage to our muse, Debbie Harry. Another woman who epitomizes the cool girl chic style of the Sunday girl is singer Rita Ora. She uses prints and colors to show her fun feminine mood. Ora also channels her inner Harry when she teases her hair, splashes on a little plum lipstick, and a simple black top.Picture3

The Sunday girl also has major versatility. She can mix and match stripes and polka dots just like Harry. Also she doesn’t care what people think, and goes with what styles she loves and then makes it her own. From colorful jumpsuits to a leather trench coach with matching hatPicture1, Harry rocked anything that was in-your-face and expressed who she was at the time.

So, with leopard print pants, leather top , and your smoky eye kit in hand you can become the sweet and sultry Sunday Girl. Style your hair into a carless tousle and add an edgy daring color hidden away or for all the world to see. Be that sweet sugary girl with an ice cold twist. Be a Sunday Girl.


Rita Ora: Rita Ora

Orange Debbie Harry:

Animal print:

Cara Delevingne:

Black and white Debbie harry:

Steam Hitting the Mainstream

By: Karly Hood

What do Twiggy, historic science fiction books, and young women in Japan dressing to look like Victorian dolls have in common?Picture3 No, this isn’t the beginning of some elaborate riddle; they all represent style tribes that have influenced mainstream culture. Style tribes are groups that adopt a specific look that is unique and distinctly different from the rest of the population. What binds these groups together could be mutual interests, beliefs, political movements, or just their desire to be different.

The vibrant Mod style is easily recognizable today, but it all began in the 1950s with a group of rebellious youth in Britain. The Mods wanted to break free from tradition by embracing anything youthful, sexy, and most importantly, modern. They flocked to bold colors, Picture7geometric prints, extremely short hemlines, and shift dresses. Carefree mods could be seen riding around town on Vespa motor scootersPicture5, going to clubs, and listening to jazz music. Their scooters served as both fashion accessory and the perfect mode of transportation to escape the oppressive adults. Cool girl Twiggy claims she was a Mod before she was a model and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to look as adorably youthful as Twiggy was?

Speaking of adorably youthful, the Lolita style tribe is just that. Beginning in the 1980s, teenage girls in Japan began wearing Victorian-inspired clothing that resembles a child’s ensemble. Picture2What draws these young women to this fashion? Picture1Many just want to dress cute and elegant, but some have even gone so far as to adopt the “Lolita lifestyle,” which includes surrounding yourself with beautiful things and engaging in “proper female” hobbies such as sewing, baking, and embroidering. Rest assured though, Lolitas don’t bring out their over-the-top, frilly dresses everyday, but rather save them for times when they want to be noticed. And it would be impossible not to be noticed when dressed like this.

Like Lolitas, members of the Steampunk Picture9style tribe have an appreciation for Victorian style, but with a twist. The origin of this group comes from a subgenre of science fiction that is set in the Victorian or Old Western eras. This group particularly loves old technology because of the simplicity of how it functioned. Their passion for vintage technology and clothing from Steampunk literature converges to create a Victorian style of corsets and top hats mixed with metal goggles and pocket watches. True Steampunk members can even attend the Steampunk World’s Fair in New Jersey. What’s the easiest way to make a Steampunk member mad? Turn their beloved style mainstream. Justin Bieber thoroughly upset Steampunk members by basing his 2011 music video “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” off of Steampunk style.Picture6

I knoPicture8w what you’re thinking; surely none of these groups have ever affected MY style. Well have you ever worn a shift dress or a color blocked print? What about a corset type dress or knee high socks? Or even bought something vintage just for its charm? If that answer is yes, and I know it is, the Mods, Lolitas, and Steampunks have affected you.


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Passport To Fashion

By: Kryssy Duran

Whether it’s a beautiful belt, that great fitting dress, or a favorite pair of shoes, we all have items from our closet that we absolutely adore. Much of the clothing in our closets has a rich history with design elements that can often be traced back to different foreign countries. These days the world truly is a melting pot as technology and social media bring us closer and closer together. Gone are the days where fashion is about blending in and sticking to one style-these days it’s the more the merrier. T3here is no better way to be able to celebrate cultural influences than through your wardrobe. Not sure how to bring in fashions from far places to your own closet? Listen up Jetsetters, it’s time for takeoff.

First, let’s travel to the beautiful and brisk, Russia. Russian clothing is full of wonderfully ornate outerwear to combat the cold temperature. Cloaks, coats, and capes are perfect ways for locals to keep warm and express their style sense at the same time. Traditionally, this country has been characterized by4 strong statement belts which make it very distinguishable. More recently, thick furs and headscarves have become popular additions to everyday street fashion. You may have seen elements of Russian garb in movies such as Star Wars (just check out what Queen Amidala wears). Design houses like Chanel, Saint Laurent, and Alexander McQueen are all showing inspiration from Russian clothing as well.

                If you see minimalist clothing, an achromatic color scheme, and fashion-forward dressing then you guessed it, you’re in Sweden. Sweden’s style is very simplistic with easy-to-wear pieces that come together to create chic looks.Scandinavian countries are known for their minimalism-we can see this both in the deep gray and black shades prevalent in street fashion as well as the loose almost androgynous looks that have become common place. Heavy draped scarves, boots, and oversized sweaters and coats2 are also key elements of Swedish style. Not only is this country’s influence being seen on the runways, but in home décor as well. Sweden’s very own IKEA has spread worldwide and brought its interior design components to homes a5ll over the world.

                Next stop, Spain, which is known for its vibrant colors, delicate lace detailing, and beaded embcoloeroidery. A vast amount of traditional clothing is still used for ceremonies and events, this allows wearers to incorporate their own variations of the looks. Flamenco dancers are known for wearing manila shawls with full, ruffled skirts and beaded or flowered jewels in their hair. Famous Spanish looks for men include bullfighting tailored jackets and cordobes sombreros. Jean Paul Gaultier has taken notice of this elaborate culture and both he and Dolce and Gabbana have recently shown Spanish-inspired collections.

So the next time you’re out shopping think twice about what countries had influence on that dresses design. The truth is you could be in an outfit inspired by one country while living in another–you just don’t know it yet!


White and Red D&G:

Russian Hat:

All Black Street Fashion:

Peach Runway:

Dolce & Gabbana Advertisement: