Passport To Fashion

By: Kryssy Duran

Whether it’s a beautiful belt, that great fitting dress, or a favorite pair of shoes, we all have items from our closet that we absolutely adore. Much of the clothing in our closets has a rich history with design elements that can often be traced back to different foreign countries. These days the world truly is a melting pot as technology and social media bring us closer and closer together. Gone are the days where fashion is about blending in and sticking to one style-these days it’s the more the merrier. T3here is no better way to be able to celebrate cultural influences than through your wardrobe. Not sure how to bring in fashions from far places to your own closet? Listen up Jetsetters, it’s time for takeoff.

First, let’s travel to the beautiful and brisk, Russia. Russian clothing is full of wonderfully ornate outerwear to combat the cold temperature. Cloaks, coats, and capes are perfect ways for locals to keep warm and express their style sense at the same time. Traditionally, this country has been characterized by4 strong statement belts which make it very distinguishable. More recently, thick furs and headscarves have become popular additions to everyday street fashion. You may have seen elements of Russian garb in movies such as Star Wars (just check out what Queen Amidala wears). Design houses like Chanel, Saint Laurent, and Alexander McQueen are all showing inspiration from Russian clothing as well.

                If you see minimalist clothing, an achromatic color scheme, and fashion-forward dressing then you guessed it, you’re in Sweden. Sweden’s style is very simplistic with easy-to-wear pieces that come together to create chic looks.Scandinavian countries are known for their minimalism-we can see this both in the deep gray and black shades prevalent in street fashion as well as the loose almost androgynous looks that have become common place. Heavy draped scarves, boots, and oversized sweaters and coats2 are also key elements of Swedish style. Not only is this country’s influence being seen on the runways, but in home décor as well. Sweden’s very own IKEA has spread worldwide and brought its interior design components to homes a5ll over the world.

                Next stop, Spain, which is known for its vibrant colors, delicate lace detailing, and beaded embcoloeroidery. A vast amount of traditional clothing is still used for ceremonies and events, this allows wearers to incorporate their own variations of the looks. Flamenco dancers are known for wearing manila shawls with full, ruffled skirts and beaded or flowered jewels in their hair. Famous Spanish looks for men include bullfighting tailored jackets and cordobes sombreros. Jean Paul Gaultier has taken notice of this elaborate culture and both he and Dolce and Gabbana have recently shown Spanish-inspired collections.

So the next time you’re out shopping think twice about what countries had influence on that dresses design. The truth is you could be in an outfit inspired by one country while living in another–you just don’t know it yet!


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