Love is a many…

By Caitlin Kline

Well here we go, another article about love and the many woes that accompany it. *Sigh.* But not quite, the ever-so-relevant topic of love is getting a face-lift, it is changing…call it an evolution, if you will.

What used to be known as ‘acceptable’ when it came to love is being challenged daily nowadays. Acceptance is the basis of this dominating societal ideal as the legalization of same-sex marriage swept the nation in late June, along with the increasing number of interracial relationships and the awareness of gender orientation. Are we anywhere near a stopping point? Look at Europe where interracial relationships form without skipping a beat; and it’s clear we have yet to reach our full potential for true equality in love. Androgyny is becoming a fashion standard, color is making a bold statement, and cultural specific garment are starting to make appearances and mix elsewhere in the fashion world.  We are taking steps in the right direction and you can expect the change towards acceptance of all forms of love to keep growing until we live in a society where people do not question one another’s choice in partners and where love truly conquers all.

Furthermore, environmentalism, a movement that has seemingly exploded in the past couple of years although it has been around for several decades, has people looking for better ways to love this beautiful world that we live in. In 1896 the term ‘global warming’ was coined – what, you thought this was a new thing? –  but it wasn’t until the past twenty years that we really started focusing on how we were treating our surroundings. Our habits started changing in our beauty routines, pump instead of aerosol hairsprays, forgoing the microbeads in our cleansers, and much more recently ‘natural’ ingredients. Now we see this movement spilling into fashion with sustainable designs (H&M & Kowtow) and toxic-free commitments from brands such as Levi’s and Zara. We are accepting all of the renewable and sustainable resources this world has to offer to better love our surroundings and move towards a cleaner world.

Lastly, we are beginning to see a shift in beauty ideals and what is accepted as ‘beautiful.’ In the renaissance period, curves were a sign of beauty and wealth. When Marilyn Monroe ruled popular culture, women were doing all they could to be curvy. What changed? Now, we are risking our lives with expensive procedures, participating in dangerous diets just to match an unattainable standard. However, it seems as if we are moving towards an era of acceptance in regards to shape, weight, and overall appearance. Celebrities such as Meghan Trainor, Rebel Wilson, and Mindy Kaling are showing us that beauty stretches beyond being thin. Spanx sales are down and confidence is up. Curvy is becoming beautiful, but so is athletic, and pear-shaped, and apple, and hourglass. You are becoming beautiful by just being you.

So wear what you want because acceptance is trending now and if you love it, so will everyone else.