Pump up the Volume

by Suzanne Cunningham

Are you tired of all things being skintight? Well lucky for us both, so is the rest of the country.  We are taking a trip back to the 70’s with the newest trend in just about every aspect of apparel. From shirts to pants to knit wear, what you should be on the lookout for is the volume trend! So out with the skinny jeans and garments you can barely move in, and in with the free flowing, aesthetically pleasing volume that’s about to take control.


We are used to sleeves hugging our arms, and in some cases restricting movement, which if you’re like me can be quite uncomfortable. It is about time we change this silhouette and make it more wearable, while still maintaining a nice look. How is this going to work? Well, by adding volume of course. Spring 2016 runway collections showed sleeves with gathers, pleats, and even elastic around just about all areas of the arm. This allows for the sleeves to add fullness, thus giving us the volume we are all looking for. Not only does this allow more comfort, it brings a new overall look to the table that we’ve been missing for so long.

Bell-Bottom Jeans:

When I think of the 70’s, I think of cool people that know how to dress to show off their best features. The next thing that pops into my head is a bell-bottom jean. Skinny jeans have been ruling our society for far too long, and what’s the complete opposite of a skinny jean? A jean with a whole lot of volume. You may be asking yourself, ‘well can I wear bell-bottoms?’ Yes you can, however the only downside to this trend is that it tends to work better for people with longer legs or who are taller in stature. But don’t let that get you down; this silhouette is still very flattering for all shapes and sizes.

Chunky Knits:

Knits are making a comeback in style in all different categories. It used to be tight knits that allowed little room for air to seep through that we saw in clothing, blankets, scarves and so on. However, that’s not the case anymore ladies and gentlemen. And we should be very happy with this trend. Not only are big knits comfy and warm but also they are very aesthetically pleasing. People are always looking for ways to look different, which in the winter can be very hard, due to everyone wearing somewhat the same thing to keep warm. This is why the trend for volume and chunky knits will be very apparent this winter. You better start stalking up on these before they are all sold out.

So as you start to shop and bring your clothes out for the winter and then the spring, just think about volume. Volume in your jeans, volume in your sleeves, volume in your most comfortable knits, volume will be everywhere, so turn it up!

What the future holds…


Matt McCloskey. ICT in 2015 and beyond –I is for innovation. 2015. http://www.eir.co.uk/ict-2015-beyond-innovation#

by Wenjing Zhang

As a person interested in the latest gadgets, I often find myself looking for technological innovations which might benefit me in some way or the other. The advances in innovation continue to impress me. Innovations are often driven by necessity, knowledge, curiosity and communication. Changing demographics and brand new methods of improving and utilizing older technology has indeed changed our lifestyle. I will now lay out three innovative technologies that have the potential to benefit many people and affect their everyday lives.


Jon Turi. Bone conduction headphones let me ditch the boombox, but still cycle safely. 2015. Engadget. http://www.engadget.com/2015/09/25/aftershokz-bluez-2s-bone-conduction-headphones/

Remember the olden days when the world was not going gaga over iPhones, social media and the internet? Neither can I, but if we fast forward to the future, we’ll stumble upon an amazing gadget called the AfterShokz headphones. They can be a blessing to people who do not like to use over-the-ear headphones and for those who are unable to use regular in-ear headphones. Aftershokz was created in 2011 by a New York-based company and has since then taken the technological world by storm. It works on the idea of playing music through bone conduction and they designed to rest on the cheekbones. A major advantage of this product is that it eliminates the hearing loss risk associated with over-the-ear headphones and it promotes a futuristic fashion concept with its wearable and minimalistic look.


Alexandra Smith. Self-balancing boards: “It’s all in the ankles”. 2015. The Daily News. http://www.ballstatedaily.com/article/2015/09/hover-board

Another interesting innovation of recent times is the much-hyped hover boards. Haven’t you always wanted to reach your destination fast even if you are not an avid walker or an expert in long boards? This self-balancing personal transportation board solves that problem and makes it easy to travel short distances and works with minimum effort. This product is already a trend on college campuses and can be easily controlled by subtle ankle movements. You might need to get a new fashionable sweat suit to match with this cool board, or at least some knee pads.

Finally, as you are already aware now, there is a drastic shift in the printing industry with the arrival of the innovative 3D printing technology. There are certain exciting possibilities to this technology including printing physical pictures that help blind people ‘visualise’ things, printing custom rib cages for cancer patients, producing hands and veins for needy patients, building entire structures or homes from organic resources, using 3D printing technology in the fashion industry to mass produce and print designs and many more. Imagine the fantastic feeling of being able to design a 3-dimensional image on computer and replicating the exact same thing in real life! Amazing, right? Although in the primitive stage, this technology has the potential to significantly improve the functioning of numerous industries by making everything quickly, accurately and easily.

There are no doubts about the fact that fashion helps technology to reach a wider public, as we can see from the above examples. The trend in wearable technology is progressing rapidly and what we are witnessing is a collision of fashion and the technological world. Who knows what the future holds?