The Era of Girl Power, Health, and Social Media

by Caroline Evers


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   Over time, society has gone through many changes. While these social changes have shaped local cultures in the past, we are now living in a time in which social groups can impact the whole world. This can be due to the power of the Zeitgeist, meaning the spirit of the times. Who are some of today’s dominating social groups?

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One of the most prevalent social groups of the moment includes a wave of different groups embodying the spirit of ‘girl power’. Feminism has been an aspect of our culture since the late 19th century and we are still seeing the feminist movement evolve. Feminists are still fighting issues like equal pay and an end to the objectification of women. The term “girl bosses” represents how women are taking the initiative by becoming entrepreneurs and running the show. Taylor Swift’s #girlsquad of actresses, singers, and models have become an inspiration to females and give us #squadgoals for our own group of friends. Several of Swift’s posse have become “instamodels,” meaning they are instagrammers who influence our culture. A recent spike among college campuses for rushing a sorority may be correlated to these celebrities whom belong to their own group of girl friends.


Over the past few years, society has become infatuated with health and physical exercise. One of the most influential social groups that are becoming exceptionally popular is the CrossFitters. CrossFit can be considered not only a fitness program, but also a way of life. CrossFitters embrace the philosophy of pushing themselves to their limits in their exercise routine as well as their life goals. Another social group that is popular among society are called “Yogis.” This group of people is made up of individuals who are infatuated with yoga and have adopted a trend of wearing athletic wear on a daily basis. Whether if people identify with such a fitness-obsessed crowd or not, the general public has become more conscientious of their physical and mental well-being.

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A cultural phenomenon is happening with our social groups as they are rapidly changing. The previous hipster lifestyle has individuals who have shifted into the “yucci” lifestyle. Yucci stands for “young, urban creatives” and are a youth culture that strives to be creative and successful. The Amish have been influencing society for decades and are still impacting society today. The power of the Internet has helped create a trend of a social-media obsessed individuals, who have formed subgroups online like Beyoncé’s followers coined the “BeyHive.”


You may ask, “What does this have to do with me?” This is a very relevant question, especially if you do not belong to any of these current social groups. The best answer is that the people in our society and everything that is happening around us all form a unique culture that can be embraced in this age. It imperative to know what is currently happening in the world and keeping up with the spirit of the times to fully understand how our society works.

Even Two (or Three!) Wrongs Can One Day Make a Right

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The perfect society only exists in dreams and fiction novels. However, that does not mean we shouldn’t strive to be one. Luckily there are a lot of people that are going against the norm and taking a stand. The zeitgeist, or spirit of the times, is what evaluates a current culture. One part of the zeitgeist is dominating ideals, or what we think is best for everyone and what we are trying to achieve. What I’m talking about how our current lifestyle is not sustainable for the planet, about how

Body Love

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why it is almost expected of people to permanently change their bodies so they can feel beautiful, and about how why people are losing opportunities and their lives due to discrimination. This is not okay, but thankfully there are so many people who are doing the right thing.

Almost every time we log onto social media we are seeing the ideal of environmentalism through people promoting ecofriendly products or lifestyles. It’s amazing that we have countries working together to reduce carbon emissions in order for us to have a cleaner planet. Being more sustainable and ecofriendly is very important for not just the planet, but also us. Eating cleaner and using things such as organic beauty products will help keep us healthier and the planet healthier.

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Another dominating ideal is embracing who you are and your body type. Most of society tells us that the “ideal” body type is to be thin, fit, curvy, and simultaneously looking perfect 24/7. We all know that that’s not the reality for most people. Companies are starting campaigns to make women feel better about who they truly are. But we can’t forget about the men too! We should all be embracing who we are and have a positive self-image, so that we can enjoy our life and not be so focused on insecurities. Everyone has insecurities and no one is alone in wanting to be ‘perfect’, but instead, focus on being the best you that you can be.

Black Lives

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We are getting better at accepting who you are, but we are still making progress on topics like race, gender, and sexuality. The Blacks Lives Matter movement started in 2012, yet African Americans are still victims of police brutality and racism. Women’s pay in the workplace still is not equal to that of men’s. While marriage rights are now a given, people in the LGBT community face can still face discrimination because of who they love and who they want to be. The ideal of equality is a strong one and many people are fighting for it, but many issues have not yet been resolved.

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Luckily, there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel were people every day are challenging society’s current standards. They are even changing every aspect of fashion as they go. Companies are making their products and productions more sustainable and natural, and coming out with “green” apparel items. Apparel and makeup lines are being launched that help to celebrate men and women on being who they are. People have started to buy clothing to support Black Lives Matter and the LGBT community. There is also been a surge of gender neutral fashion to help blur gender lines. Our current society may be full of negativity on the outside, but we cannot forget the people going against the norm to make it a better place for everyone.


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Capturing the Spirit of 2015

By Melia Bagamano

Whether we realize it or not, things that are occurring in our society right now are impacting the fashion industry. Designers try to capture the “zeitgeist” of every season and lots of things play into that. Zeitgeist means the spirit of the times.  We always seem to have a lot of dominating events that are going on in our world that are making their mark on the fashion we will be wearing.

So let’s start with the fun stuff: the entertainment industry. So much has gone on in the entertainment industry in the past year and it is impossible to ignore the biggest phenomenon to have made its mark on fashion recently: the release of Star Wars: the Force Awakens. This latest installment of the saga drew in millions upon millions of old and new fans and has even influenced someone I know you all know and {might} love, Kanye. The movie is set in a time where they were all dressed in natural linens and a lot of garments have draping and distress to them…looks a lot like the second season of the Yeezy collection to me. Ya think?

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Star wars 2


So let’s expand out to news that affected us as a nation this past year. We won the Women’s World Cup, we legalized gay marriage, Hilary Clinton is running for president again, and we’ve made some changes opening up both trade and travel to Cuba. Be proud America, we’ve gotten a lot done this past year. The Women’s World Cup has been a bit of breakthrough for female athletes. This idea of strong and powerful women was one to definitely come through for fashion and it also sparked a lot of interest in the “athleisure” lines that are a lot like the one that Tory Burch started to inspire women to lead healthy lifestyles.



Let’s step back a bit further and look at what impacted us for better and for worse globally this past year. A new princess was born to Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge this past year. Her mom already has a huge impact on fashion as we’ve seen and with North West paving the way for toddler couture with Balmain, Princess Charlotte is not far behind. Unfortunately, in November, something much darker brought the world together in solidarity. Paris went through a huge tragedy when ISIS targeted six locations across the city and implemented explosives and rifles to take the lives of over 130 people and hundreds more injured. This hit Paris hard during one of their most successful times of year for the fashion industry, so this definitely affected the luxury goods business.

North West


Kate and Will


If you haven’t figured it out yet, you should start paying more attention to what goes on in our world. All these dominating events play into our zeitgeist and the fashion industry is definitely taking note. We can see influences and how these events feed into our industry and affect the way that we dress and our style. I’m excited to see what this year brings!






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Star Light, Star Bright

By Brooke Slechta,

In the spotlight, there are three types of celebrity trendsetters who influence the fashions we all wear: innovators, leaders, and followers.  A fashion innovator is known for beginning a trend and having the confidence to do their own thing.  Innovators do not look to others for fashion guidance, but they wear their own styles, even when it is not popular.  A fashion leader adopts a new trend early on, but did not start the trend themselves.  The leader has a lot of knowledge about fashion, especially what the next big thing is, and has a large group of followers.  Lastly, a fashion follower is jumbled in with the mainstream crowd.  They are in the majority to take on a trend once it has been seen many times before. They look current, but not cutting-edge.

What makes someone a fashion innovator is having the personality to be outgoing and as far from mainstream as you can be.  Anna Dello Russo is the epitome of a fashion innovator.  The bold choices she expresses through her outfits, such as a fast food dress, make her an inspiration.  Anna is several steps ahead of anyone and has the confidence to not care about other opinions.  Her ability of being able to create trendiness through adventurous items is what makes her a true fashion innovator.

What makes a fashion leader is keeping up with the trends and putting their own stamp on the fashion they wear.  Taylor Swift is always on top of the newest styles, but they are not anything she created herself.  Her classic two-piece sets created a rampage among both her fans and fashion gurus alike.  She made an existing style that is so simple become interesting by putting her own spin on it.  Taylor’s abundant group of followers help her fashion choices skyrocket among the masses, which qualify her as the perfect fashion leader.

What makes a fashion follower is someone who conforms to a preexisting trend that the majority of the population is already wearing.  Anne Hathaway’s style is very traditional and mainstream.  She does not pop out any clothing with an intriguing factor or something the public has yet to see.  Anne sticks to simplistic and casual, therefore she is not one to be seen taking any fashion risks.  Her modest and understated look makes her a typical consumer who blends in with the majority.  Anne’s clothing remains to stay under-the-radar, which categories her as a fashion follower.

Each of these women can give consumers guidance on how to be in a certain group by what they choose to wear.  Women love to express themselves through clothing, so they dive into these extravagant outfits to be an innovator, or keep up with the trends like the majority and be a follower of fashion.  We can take cues from these women and use fashion in a way to express ourselves.  Find out who you are and own your style, you can never go wrong with your own choice of fashion.