Capturing the Spirit of 2015

By Melia Bagamano

Whether we realize it or not, things that are occurring in our society right now are impacting the fashion industry. Designers try to capture the “zeitgeist” of every season and lots of things play into that. Zeitgeist means the spirit of the times.  We always seem to have a lot of dominating events that are going on in our world that are making their mark on the fashion we will be wearing.

So let’s start with the fun stuff: the entertainment industry. So much has gone on in the entertainment industry in the past year and it is impossible to ignore the biggest phenomenon to have made its mark on fashion recently: the release of Star Wars: the Force Awakens. This latest installment of the saga drew in millions upon millions of old and new fans and has even influenced someone I know you all know and {might} love, Kanye. The movie is set in a time where they were all dressed in natural linens and a lot of garments have draping and distress to them…looks a lot like the second season of the Yeezy collection to me. Ya think?

Star wars


Star wars 2


So let’s expand out to news that affected us as a nation this past year. We won the Women’s World Cup, we legalized gay marriage, Hilary Clinton is running for president again, and we’ve made some changes opening up both trade and travel to Cuba. Be proud America, we’ve gotten a lot done this past year. The Women’s World Cup has been a bit of breakthrough for female athletes. This idea of strong and powerful women was one to definitely come through for fashion and it also sparked a lot of interest in the “athleisure” lines that are a lot like the one that Tory Burch started to inspire women to lead healthy lifestyles.



Let’s step back a bit further and look at what impacted us for better and for worse globally this past year. A new princess was born to Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge this past year. Her mom already has a huge impact on fashion as we’ve seen and with North West paving the way for toddler couture with Balmain, Princess Charlotte is not far behind. Unfortunately, in November, something much darker brought the world together in solidarity. Paris went through a huge tragedy when ISIS targeted six locations across the city and implemented explosives and rifles to take the lives of over 130 people and hundreds more injured. This hit Paris hard during one of their most successful times of year for the fashion industry, so this definitely affected the luxury goods business.

North West


Kate and Will


If you haven’t figured it out yet, you should start paying more attention to what goes on in our world. All these dominating events play into our zeitgeist and the fashion industry is definitely taking note. We can see influences and how these events feed into our industry and affect the way that we dress and our style. I’m excited to see what this year brings!






Photo Sources: 2015-09-16-20-42-42 1-978×1020.jpg

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