The Era of Girl Power, Health, and Social Media

by Caroline Evers


people standing in a line

   Over time, society has gone through many changes. While these social changes have shaped local cultures in the past, we are now living in a time in which social groups can impact the whole world. This can be due to the power of the Zeitgeist, meaning the spirit of the times. Who are some of today’s dominating social groups?

we can do it

One of the most prevalent social groups of the moment includes a wave of different groups embodying the spirit of ‘girl power’. Feminism has been an aspect of our culture since the late 19th century and we are still seeing the feminist movement evolve. Feminists are still fighting issues like equal pay and an end to the objectification of women. The term “girl bosses” represents how women are taking the initiative by becoming entrepreneurs and running the show. Taylor Swift’s #girlsquad of actresses, singers, and models have become an inspiration to females and give us #squadgoals for our own group of friends. Several of Swift’s posse have become “instamodels,” meaning they are instagrammers who influence our culture. A recent spike among college campuses for rushing a sorority may be correlated to these celebrities whom belong to their own group of girl friends.


Over the past few years, society has become infatuated with health and physical exercise. One of the most influential social groups that are becoming exceptionally popular is the CrossFitters. CrossFit can be considered not only a fitness program, but also a way of life. CrossFitters embrace the philosophy of pushing themselves to their limits in their exercise routine as well as their life goals. Another social group that is popular among society are called “Yogis.” This group of people is made up of individuals who are infatuated with yoga and have adopted a trend of wearing athletic wear on a daily basis. Whether if people identify with such a fitness-obsessed crowd or not, the general public has become more conscientious of their physical and mental well-being.

social media

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A cultural phenomenon is happening with our social groups as they are rapidly changing. The previous hipster lifestyle has individuals who have shifted into the “yucci” lifestyle. Yucci stands for “young, urban creatives” and are a youth culture that strives to be creative and successful. The Amish have been influencing society for decades and are still impacting society today. The power of the Internet has helped create a trend of a social-media obsessed individuals, who have formed subgroups online like Beyoncé’s followers coined the “BeyHive.”


You may ask, “What does this have to do with me?” This is a very relevant question, especially if you do not belong to any of these current social groups. The best answer is that the people in our society and everything that is happening around us all form a unique culture that can be embraced in this age. It imperative to know what is currently happening in the world and keeping up with the spirit of the times to fully understand how our society works.

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