Closet Stock

by Karah Kite


“I like my money where I can see it…hanging in my closet.” In the immortal words of Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw, a good closet is an investment. Looking at 2016 you might be wondering what important trendy items you should be investing in to have a well-diversified closet portfolio. Here are some thoughts according to the premier trend forecasting service WGSN as to what should be making its way onto your hangers in 2016.
As of late, minimalism has taken hold and is not going to be letting go too soon. This trend can be expected to continue on but with a greater emphasis on one color, or maybe I should say lack of color.  Inspired by Brazilian New Year’s traditions , white is all over the runway for pre-summer 2016. This crisp color can be seen in head-to-toe fashions or just as a simple statement. Minimalism is also edging its way into boho fashion, as the minimalistic “Gypset” dress will become a summer staple. This long flowing trapeze dress is showing up in soft fabrics and simple monochromatic tones like our favorite all-over white.

3As a major swing later in the seasons, trendsetters are going to be very detailed-oriented. We can expect to see a huge focus on fabrics with fine details such as beading in rich patterns. It’s all
about the textiles and textures in this trend. We are expecting layers of lace, jacquard, ombres, and metallics that create rich-looking patterns. These fabrics are reminiscent of the rich brocades found in5 interior design and inspired by the opulence of the renaissance and art deco eras.
Finally, for a little fun we are seeing increasing levels of
grunge and rebellion coming down the runway. The 90’s are popping by for a visit with grungy flannels and Doc Martins being a necessity for any fashion lover’s wardrobe. 2 Ripped jeans are also a must. Also, adding to the sense of rebellion, sassy pullovers are showing up to the party with cute phrases like “ Don’t Care” or “Or Nah”.  (think less irony and more snark) What would a rebellious look be without some military-inspired elements such as army-green jackets and structured black leather accessories. Possibly a response to the political unrest in the nations?  We think yes.

4Given all these options you might be wondering what are the best ways you can invest in your closet. Look for crisp white pieces and try pairing them with more white to achieve a modern minimalistic look. Later in the year, seek out pieces with rich fabrics and appliques or beading. This can be achieved in a simple skirt with bead-work or you could go all in with a dress that combines several of these fabric treatments. Either way, focus on the fabric more than the cut.  Finally, to embrace the rebellious 90’s, reinvest in some flannels that you can layer with a sassy print. Also, add in a few military inspired green pieces and you will have invested in the right stock for 2016.  Just watch your portfolio grow.





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TECHnically Trendy

by Francesca Acton

Picture3Technology. Who doesn’t love it? Ok, so maybe some of our grandparents or theoccasional hipster who’s too cool for smartphones. But, in general, it makes life so much easier.And now that it’s 2016, technology just keeps progressing. As a part of the Zeitgeist, or the spirit of the times, it has a huge influence on every aspect of our lives.

Picture1Fashion, to start off with, has made so many amazing advances because of technology.This year alone apps like Machine Vision and Craves are trending. The first tracks developingtrends, while the latter helps you find the clothes you want to buy or similar styles by uploadinga picture of them. Lady Gaga’s David Bowie tribute at the Grammy’s used Intel technology to make herself a living canvas. If we’re already at robotic arms and digital skin, I can’t wait to seewhere we’ll be in a few years. And as far as inspiration, Snapchat’s live stories are an incredible way to see what’s going on around the world. 
Picture2We couldn’t talk about technology without mentioning the internet. Google Fiber is aninternet service that is 20 times faster than our current “high speed” internet. It is only availablein a few cities, but will definitely gain popularity in the future. Another amazing innovation isthe Internet of Things, which connects any device to the internet. Imagine a fridge that can notifyyou when it is low on milk and juice. And as far as smart houses go, the Amazon Echo and Foxneed to be mentioned as well. These voice-activated speakers can answer questions, create shopping lists, play music, open the garage, and so much more. 
Picture this. You just ordered the perfect dress online, you sit back and wait for 3 days toget it (even though they clearly say it might take up to 14 days, but who actually expects it totake that long?) and suddenly a drone lands on your doorstep and drops off your package. Crazy, right? Well, not anymore. Amazon and several other luxury fashion brands have already started using drones for deliveries around the country. Just imagine how much faster we’ll get our orders once they start using them everywhere. As our world dives deeper in the technology age, it can be hard to keep up with what’current and trendy. That’s what we’re here for. Look out for an increase in online retailing andsmart technologies. Our clothes can keep track of our health, while our homes are programmed to make life easier as well. Television and award shows will continue to use advancedtechnology to bring a larger-than-life entertainment experience. And drones will reduce the riskof online shopping by getting our orders to our doorstep faster than ever. Though we may not have the flying cars that Marty McFly predicted in Back to the FutureI’d say we’re definitely not far off.
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What’s Our Attitude?

by Cheyenne Gardner


It’s safe to say that we’re all witnesses to the continuous changes throughout our society.Whether we all conform to them is truly irrelevant -the real importance lies in our realization thatevery change (in politics, entertainment, or fashion) is connected somehow.  With each change,our day-to-day needs and desires evolve, shaping our attitudes.  These dominating attitudes andour need to simultaneously fit in, yet stand-out cause changes in fashionwhich is alwaysstriving to capture the spirit of the times, better known as the Zeitgeist.  One of the most impactful dominating attitudes of today is the desire for equality amongpeople.  As of 2013, we’ve heard the cries of young African-Americans and supporters for theneed for reform within criminal justice, in hopes of preventing unlawful street violence andpolice brutality, seen with the “Black Lives Matter” and “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” movements.We’re seeing strides being made in communicating acceptance to the transgender community,now that they’re allowed to take part in the Olympics.  After 54 years, the Confederate flag at thestate capitol in South Carolina has been removeda source of controversy due to its long historyand association with racism.   Although we aren’t quite there yet; the “Black Girls Rock” award show is meant to celebrate and empower successful black women, First Lady Michelle Obama’s attendance created a bit of controversy between some black and white online commenters.


Like with most trends, the attitudes of today’s youth  are especially influential.  It’s no secret that marijuana use is growing in acceptancea recent poll found that 58% of American adults support marijuana legalization.  As a dominant social group, the youths attitudes towardpolitics and election do not  go ignored.  Overall, youths hold negative views regarding politics,and are disengaged despite their interest in societal issues.  And with successful college dropouts, such as, Bill Gates and Michael Dell being celebrated for their achievements, collegedoesn’t seem as important to many of our youth.  There’s also an attitude of entitlement in our youth in acquiring high-paying, dream jobs, simply because they have attended college.

Now, let’s look at fashion.  Simplicity and ease is everything.  From clothes to household

goodsminimalism is in.  With the need for simplicity and ease comes convenience andcomfort.  Athleisure is now comfortable clothes designed for the workplace.  Aligned with theseevolutionary changes is body image.  Ashley Graham made history, as the first plus-sizedwoman to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.  Body acceptance for U.S.women is a leading trend.

Our dominating attitudes reflects our growing need for equality and safety, comfort, and peace of mind.  And fashion hasn’t missed a beat.  Body image acceptance is likely to improvethe availability and quality of plus-sized fashions.  Clothing will be made to reflect confidence,while meeting our desire for comfort.  It’s likely that we will see growth in the developingmarket for transgender clothing.  Between our attitudes of politics and equality, not only will west rive to communicate strength and power in clothing, but freedom toothe essence of the Zeitgeist, to imitate, yet differentiate.  


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