Trend Rules: Three’s Company

By Annelise Ingram


We all know that one is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do, and it takes two to tango, but like the TV show taught us, three’s company. Anyone who watches trends will tell you that it’s not only true, it’s a rule. In forecasting, the rule of three can be applied on the runway, on the streets, wherever…but if you see a new style three times, be aware that it could become the next big thing in fashion! This season’s runway in particular has us neck-deep in trends with beautiful fabrics and who-knows-what up our sleeves!


For our first trend, the rule of three shows us that a covered neck is a sexy neck. Turtlenecks, scarves, and pussy bows, specifically, were seen throughout the runway. Balenciaga, and Joie made use of this trend in their fall 2016 runway shows, and Tory Burch’s bow tie with pantsuit is a great example of how to style this trend. All this to prove that ‘modest can be hottest’ when it comes to showing that sultry neck of yours.

Speaking of sultry, let’s take a look at the trendiest fabrics this season. By a touch of pure ‘sheerendipity’ (get it?) we’re seeing a return to all that is femme with a fabulous velveteen vibe to boot. Perhaps a bit avant-garde for our mothers’ generation, the see-through fabrics give a romantic look when done well. Velvet also whispers of romance when the wearer enters a room. Monse, Akris, and Roberto Cavalli were all part of the velvet underground.

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Lastly, the rule of three confirms that even though we may have the right to bear arms,  you may choose to be a ‘shoulder puff girl’  or even a caped crusaders this fall Ok, ok, in simpler terms, we’re all about fur sleeves, puffed sleeves, and capes to keep our arms looking fresh this season.  Prada and J. W. Anderson both showed this  bold look. Lucky for us, it’s a trend appropriate for women of any age, and nearly any personality. If you like to go big or go home, puff those sleeves as big as they’ll get. If you prefer to dress more subtly, go for a sweet cape to shield you from the cold.

As you can see, the hit pieces this season tend to focus on the neck and the arms. And when wondering what fabrics are best, you can’t lose with sheer or velvet. With many more trends on their way, these are just a few to add to the closet. Maybe even pair them up! Look for blouse with sheer, puffed sleeves, or find a cape made of velvet. Just remember that if you like it, it’s in. So go with your gut, have confidence, and brave these new trends for the world to see. And when you’re ready for something new, just remember to look for the rule of three!



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Conspicuous This, Conspicuous That – Fashion Theories of the Rich and Famous

As we all know from sitting in a high school science or philosophy class, there are a countless number of theories like Darwinism and the Theory of Evolution that have been taught and repeatedly engraved into our memory year after year. But why do they really matter so much? Theories are important because they are a scientifically acceptable general principle that explains a phenomenon. Sounds cool, right? Well it gets even better. Contrary to popular belief, science and philosophy are not the only subjects that use theories – so does fashion!

Thanks to economist and all-around smart guy Thorstein Veblen, the theory of conspicuous consumption was created all the way back in 1899. Conspicuous consumption is the behavior of the upper strata who display wealth by participating in an extravagant lifestyle. Take a trip to Beverly Hills to see this theory being practiced and preached right in front of your eyes. Kim Kardashian-West’s $8 million engagement ring, Kim and Kanye’s $20 million dollar home featuring eight fireplaces and its own vineyard and North West’s $1 million wardrobe are all examples of this upper class theory. Crazy, isn’t it?

Now raise your hand if you have ever gotten a new phone because it was time for an update when your “old” one still worked perfectly? Congratulations, you have participated in conspicuous waste. But don’t worry – although we hate to admit it, we all are guilty of this. Stemming from the theory of conspicuous consumption is the idea of conspicuous waste. Simply put, conspicuous waste is the purchasing of products that are not needed therefore being wasteful in order to demonstrate wealth. Drinking only from bottled water, buying a $9.8 million Ferrari or spending $2 million on a red carpet dress only to be worn once “just because” are all examples of conspicuous waste.

5 Veblen also labeled the upper class as ‘the leisure class,” associating them with an extravagant lifestyle where they could be seen traveling and entertaining rather than working. In other words, conspicuous leisure is the visible leisure that denotes a social class. The recent fashion trend known as, “vacation style” is a great example of how the upper class uses social media and their extravagant vacations to display their wealth. Scroll through any socialite or blogger’s Instagram and you will most likely see tropical backgrounds, flowy dresses, fashion-forward swimwear and the latest pair of designer sunglasses sitting atop their flawless hairdo. By living in a culture embedded in social media, the upper class has more opportunity to display conspicuous leisure and their luxurious lifestyles.
So now after learning about the theories of conspicuous consumption, leisure and waste, dropping $1,000 on a single pair of shoes make more sense now, right? Just kidding. But what we can take from this article is how important fashion theories really are. They support why certain changes in fashion occur over a period of time. Without fashion theories, we would lack an understanding of consumption habits, styles and trends. So let’s keep it simple and end by saying one more thing, TGFFT – thank God for fashion theories!

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Slithering into Spring: Heavy Metals and Blushing Pinks Have Us Jumping For Joy

Carlin Leale

March 2, 2016

We’ve all been there: standing in line at the grocery store next to the magazine racks, and as our impatience grows, we reach for the closest magazine to distract ourselves. If you happen to be grocery shopping in either March or September, you will notice that the fashion magazines are thicker than usual (and not just because of the 200 pages of ads!). That is because these issues are jam-packed with the trends for the upcoming season. After close inspection of the extra-thick March issues of Elle, Marie Claire, Allure, Vogue, InStyle, and Harper’s Bazaar, we found a few consistencies in the trend predictions and styles portrayed in the glossy pages.

Going with ladies first, the most prominent of these trends is the girly and feminine takeover of apparel and accessories. This covers almost everything, from flowy florals, to sheer and lingerie-inspired lace, to blushing red colors (which could also be an effect of the lingerie-inspired looks!). The boardroom boudoir look can be satiny, lacy, or sheer, and it resembles night-time wear, which perhaps also inspires a more comfortable version for day dreamers who want to wear the classic pajama look while out and about. Comfort and functionality is the main focus of this trend. This feminine look can also be tied together with a perfect bow incorporated on to a dress, top, or in the hair



Snake it with a grain of salt (Gucci)

Snakes are also slithering their way into fashion in animal-inspired trends! These stylized snakes are incorporated into apparel, shoes, and accessories to add a daring flair. Other wild takes on this trend are purrfect cat-eye glasses or leopard prints, that when incorporated into apparel, accessories, and homes, can make anyone feel like a cool cat.

The retro look is also front and center in a variety of the magazines, and is shown through bomber jackets, pantsuits, and 90’s throwbacks to create a retro relaxed vibe. Perhaps #throwbackthursday has something to do with this! The walk down memory lane also goes out of this world with the incorporation of space and military air-travel inspiration. Galaxy-esque dresses and accessories are a theme that has been brewing for some time now, while jumpsuits inspired by military skydivers make us jump for joy this season.


Heavy Metal (Google)

Extra flashy and heavy metals are also making their way back into style, as a revamped version of the famous futuristic look. Developing technology has affected this aesthetic stray from organic shapes, and it can be incorporated in several ways. One way is through adding metal pieces to apparel, accessories, or in the home, or by adding some metal jewelry to an outfit. Another way is by adding a chrome or metallic fabrication or finish to apparel and accessories or in the home. This trend reminds us that there is no place like chrome.
All of these trends are easily adoptable for either the trendsetters who are willing to take a risk, or for the fashion followers who just want to amp up their wardrobe. Either way, the world is going to be your runway this spring!




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