Slithering into Spring: Heavy Metals and Blushing Pinks Have Us Jumping For Joy

Carlin Leale

March 2, 2016

We’ve all been there: standing in line at the grocery store next to the magazine racks, and as our impatience grows, we reach for the closest magazine to distract ourselves. If you happen to be grocery shopping in either March or September, you will notice that the fashion magazines are thicker than usual (and not just because of the 200 pages of ads!). That is because these issues are jam-packed with the trends for the upcoming season. After close inspection of the extra-thick March issues of Elle, Marie Claire, Allure, Vogue, InStyle, and Harper’s Bazaar, we found a few consistencies in the trend predictions and styles portrayed in the glossy pages.

Going with ladies first, the most prominent of these trends is the girly and feminine takeover of apparel and accessories. This covers almost everything, from flowy florals, to sheer and lingerie-inspired lace, to blushing red colors (which could also be an effect of the lingerie-inspired looks!). The boardroom boudoir look can be satiny, lacy, or sheer, and it resembles night-time wear, which perhaps also inspires a more comfortable version for day dreamers who want to wear the classic pajama look while out and about. Comfort and functionality is the main focus of this trend. This feminine look can also be tied together with a perfect bow incorporated on to a dress, top, or in the hair



Snake it with a grain of salt (Gucci)

Snakes are also slithering their way into fashion in animal-inspired trends! These stylized snakes are incorporated into apparel, shoes, and accessories to add a daring flair. Other wild takes on this trend are purrfect cat-eye glasses or leopard prints, that when incorporated into apparel, accessories, and homes, can make anyone feel like a cool cat.

The retro look is also front and center in a variety of the magazines, and is shown through bomber jackets, pantsuits, and 90’s throwbacks to create a retro relaxed vibe. Perhaps #throwbackthursday has something to do with this! The walk down memory lane also goes out of this world with the incorporation of space and military air-travel inspiration. Galaxy-esque dresses and accessories are a theme that has been brewing for some time now, while jumpsuits inspired by military skydivers make us jump for joy this season.


Heavy Metal (Google)

Extra flashy and heavy metals are also making their way back into style, as a revamped version of the famous futuristic look. Developing technology has affected this aesthetic stray from organic shapes, and it can be incorporated in several ways. One way is through adding metal pieces to apparel, accessories, or in the home, or by adding some metal jewelry to an outfit. Another way is by adding a chrome or metallic fabrication or finish to apparel and accessories or in the home. This trend reminds us that there is no place like chrome.
All of these trends are easily adoptable for either the trendsetters who are willing to take a risk, or for the fashion followers who just want to amp up their wardrobe. Either way, the world is going to be your runway this spring!




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