Show Your True Colors

by Kathleen Bean

Imagine you’re five years old again , playing contentedly on the playground when another kid comes up and asks the one question that can determine your future… “What’s your favorite color?” And then you say the same color that they love, and become instant best friends. While it doesn’t work quite like this for adults, colors play an important role in our everyday lives. Colors resonate feelings and help create an emotional connection, which is why they are so important in fashion. Just like in nature, colors in fashion change from season to season. With each new seasonal trend comes a new color palette that tells the story of the line and gives us an insight into a designer’s mood. Let’s take a look at some of the color stories predicted for Spring/Summer 2019.1

With the recent passing of legendary music and fashion icons, David Bowie and Prince, the  “Righteous ‘80s” are “like totally” making a comeback. This is where the blast from the past color palette from “[NOT so] HEAVY METAL” comes in. This palette is a mix of metallic and soft feminine colors. Silver, bronze, and gold colors like Revolt, Anarchy, and Insurgent will bring out your rebellious side, while softer colors Bliss and Cloud 9 will add that feminine touch and bring you back to this decade.3
Another theme predicted for the spring and summer of 2019 is “Celestial Awakenings,” which is sure to awaken your inner moonchild. This color palette includes colors from one end of the galaxy to the other with names based on  cosmi2c phenomenon. Black Hole darkens typical spring looks, while Moon Beam adds a burst of light within the dark. Other colors in the palette include Aurora Borealis, Muted Supernova, and Cosmic Dust, all of which will be crucial not only in apparel but accessories and within the home as well.


Even though we are accustomed to seasonal colors, the idea of “seasonless” colors are going to become important in the next few years. The musical sounds of UK band “Oh Wonder” inspires the next theme that shares its namesake and the concept of “seasonless” with a color palette that can transition from season to season. Colors of warm blues and peaches, accompanied by dusky greens tell the story of a 30-year-old living in the middle ground in that sweet spot between minimalism and maximalism. Muted tones like Shaded Bullet, Wet Rain, Bubble Gum Whip Cream, Toasted Sky, and Herb’s Vision represent simplicity and contentment.54

So now it’s your turn to tell a story. If you want to show off your rebellious side while still keeping it feminine, find a flowing blush pink top or dress and pair it with metallic accessories. If you do a little soul searching and want to tone it down, look to the stars and pair dark pants with a light colored top with pops of color. Or if you’re looking for colors to carry from season to season, find a lightweight jacket in a muted shade to top off your look no matter the weather.




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The Song to My Wardrobe

Jasmine Miller

4I’d like to think I’m not the only person who’s ever  pondered about  the theme song of my life—the song that represents who I am and what I’m doing. . I’m also not ashamed to admit I’ve thought of it on various occasion at different points in my life. I’ve realized my theme song has evolved over the years; it’s ever-changing and moving with the times. Fashion is no different; the mood or theme of a season or collection is also ever changing and evolving along with the Zeitgeist or spirit of the times. But what’s the point? What do moods and themes have to do with fashion? Imagine mood and theme like the backdrop of a stage. The backdrop cues the audience how to feel and how to interpret what is being portrayed on stage.

1The first theme, Inclement, is all about embracing a new state of Zen. Something peaceful or invigorating can come from the pitter patter of rain hitting street pavements or your outside window. The dreaded gray clouds have now become a blanket of peace while the rain washes everything clean.  Inclement is a shift to clean lines that are also fluid like the rain.

Another backdrop on spring 2019 is Bountiful Botanicals. While Inclement embraces neutrals, Bountiful Botanicals welcomes color and tradition. Inspired by the English painter William Morris, nothing short of amazing, Bountiful Botanicals recognizes the value quality over quantity and colorful patterns. Bountiful Botanicals will be at the start of the end of minimalism; therefore Bountiful Botanicals is the perfect introduction of elaborate textiles and patterns because it is not too loud.

The final backdrop is called Delve. To delve means to look deep inside something and  discover that which is innovative and fresh. Delve is an excellent example of how the backdrop hasn’t changed but has evolved. Instead of a shift, Delve wants to explore the past and discover something new.  Finding inspiration from Parisian culture such as Roccio Montoya, a modernist artist, and Anouk Aimee, a French film star from the 1960s, Delve has explored and found something new in the classic glamour look. While taking a deeper look in the Parisian culture we embrace the details, but we don’t forget the bigger picture, the traditional look of beauty. With unexpected details, like fabric, structure, and patterns Delve is still pulled together to make a beautiful cohesive backdrop.

So how can you personally transform a stage background into your wardrobe? Simple. For Inclement, grab a solid-color top that has fluidity and pair with bottoms weather be a skirt or pants that have structured cleans lines. To incorporate Bountiful Botanicals into your wardrobe, find some dresses or tops that have fun colorful prints, and are be ready to spend a pretty penny because these garments will be will made to last. And lastly to tie in Delve, embrace your inner glamour by finding pieces that have intricate details like a dress with adornment around the neckline. Whether you theme song for Spring 2019 is the rain hitting pavements, flowers blooming, or a red carpet in Paris you wardrobe won’t skip a beat.

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Style Icon

by Danae Hughes

Throughout the last century a select few actresses and other celebrities have had the influence to set fashion trends that the public quickly followed and whose signature style is continually a source of inspiration to designers even today. These individuals are known in the fashion world as “Style Icons”; who posses some sort of intrinsic power to influence both in their time, and for years to come. In today’s post I will explore three icons from years past, who still hold sway in thoughts and minds today.

Beginning with the one and only Marlene Dietrich, a woman who exemplifies the term “sex appeal”. Starring in films such as Tragedy of Love, Morocco, and Der Blaue Engel, she played the actress, singer, and cabaret dancer throughout the 30’s and 40’s. Born in Berlin, Germany she eventually moved to America to develop her film career however, in the midst of World War 2 the Nazis approached Marlene about returning to her homeland but she refused. Her specialty was in her sensuality within androgyny played out in her loose fitting men’s suits worn in a time where cinched waists dominated fashion scenes. Since her time, designers such as Jason Wu have created lines especially inspired by her style for shows within 2012 fashion shows.

Though she didn’t sport the androgynous menswear of Dietrich, Jean Seberg’s boyish charm is still considered to represent a carefree coziness, which is perfect even for today. She began her fame as a young American actress before accusations into her monetary affairs led her to flee American film life, and eventually commit suicide due largely to unknown reasons. While her iconic style may live on, her tragic fate is swathed in mystery.

Little did you know, Ernest Hemingway is famous for more than his signature writings, but also for his lovely granddaughter, Margaux Hemingway. Margaux was a highly acclaimed actress and supermodel in the 1970s. She actually made history when she became the first supermodel to sign a million dollar contract with a perfume company. With stunning thick eyebrows and sun-kissed skin, she redefined beauty for women of the 1970s and lives as a grand reminder that it takes but one to change the minds of the multitudes.

The greatest question you must ask is how to take your admiration of these icons and channel it into our own wardrobes. From Marlene Dietrich, I suggest snagging your favorite comfy button up and blazer then pairing these with a fetal shade of red lipstick for your own brand of sensual androgyny. Where Jean Seberg is concerned, stock your closet with those ¾ length striped T-shirt’s and a great pair of boyfriend jeans. And to rock your version of Hemingway, play up your sun-kissed glow this summer, and maybe even let off those eyebrow waxing’s for a time, you might find you have a new statement up your sleeve!

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Survival Guide to Style Tribes

By Hannah Heath

April 12, 2016


1  Walking into the high school lunchroom, tables of cliques are distinctly gathered together with their mutual peers, wearing the same clothing, speaking the same lingo, and using the same mannerisms. We can all recall the classic Mean Girls scene as Janice Ian narrates the groups of students for new girl Cady Herring. Weaving through the lunchroom, jocks, nerds, girls who eat their feelings all huddle together in the safety of their niches. In fashion, cliques are not solely confined to the lunch room but congregate in the form of style. Style tribes, like high school cliques, are categorized by groups of counter cultures aiming to distinguish themselves from the mainstream. The most popular style tribes are those that began as countercultural youth movements that we will now further explore.

2      Along the streets of Berkeley’s campus, hippies began to come on the scene in 1960s distinguishing themselves by wearing bright colors, tie-dye, floral patterns, and flower crowns. To deviate even further from the norm, hippies experimented with illicit drugs while praising rock gods such as Jimi Hendrix and Jefferson Airplane as they preached ideals of authenticity, individualism, and communities. Promoting peace and love during an anti-war time, the hippies began a youth movement of defiance to “the man” and spreading good vibes only.



3   Following the hippies, another youth movement emerged in the late 70s  as a backlash against the free-spirited times and instead adopted an expressive viewpoint full of questioning authority and challenging the norms of society. Known for their DIY destroyed denim and vintage tees, the punks radically stood out from the mainstream with their aggressive jewelry, tattoos, and hairstyles. Claiming black as their signature color, the punks drastically differed from the once popular bohemian teens that dominated society. A culture of taking action while sporting leather was now being accepted by storm from the youths of the time.

4 While hippies and punks were patronizing authority, Lolita’s were running away from their responsibilities and embodying a prolonged childhood. A way to escape from the trials of life, Lolita lifestyle focuses on youthfulness followed by modesty and a cute appeal. By wearing pastel buttoned up dresses, bloomers, and over-the-knee socks, Japanese youth can nostalgically dress as they did when they were young and avoid growing into adulthood, at least for the time being.

As Cady found her home in “the plastics,” the youth of today are constantly itching to find their home amongst the variety of style tribes in existence. Whether you want to spread the love and fight war, defy authority and release your anger, or escape adult responsibility and embrace your childhood, there is a place for everyone to express their style and find others who will support your look with you. As you search for the right style to embody your values, take a page from Mean Girls and choose a seat that’s right for you. With so many options, there’s no reason for you to sit alone in the bathroom stall.






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Amsterdam and Antwerp and Milan! Oh my!

By Audrey Bratcher

We are #blessed to be living during a time when there are so many different and influential places in the world of fashion. Whether a country’s designs are completely unique, or a spin off a traditional garment, there’s always something interesting to see. It should be of no surprise that Milan it is amongst the four most significant fashion capitals in the world. However, I must tip my hat to Amsterdam and Antwerp for rising to the occasion and standing their own ground.

Quick shout out to the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts for producing the famous Antwerp Six design collective and their 1988 avant-garde collections that put the city on the fashion map. Located along the River Scheldt, it is better thought of as a port city, but it is time to throw that stereotype out the window. Besides being home to designers like Tim Van Steenbergen designing for top celebrities like Katy Perry, it also has a prominent street style allowing for individuals to be creative while still looking good for themselves. Snaps for Antwerp.333

Before this assignment, I merely thought of Amsterdam as the city Hazel Grace and Augustus visited in The Fault in Our Stars. Well, now it’s the fault in MY stars for not realizing what a cool fashion scene they had. Straying away from their traditional dress, the volendam, Amsterdam’s current trends include neutrally colored items like trench coats and scarves. It is also my honor to introduce Lisa Konno, an Amsterdam-based designer, who showed her first collection at the January 2015 Fashion Week. Konno displayed her innovative designs through her most recent collection, Yours Truly. Through this collection she allowed the customers to feel as if they were apart of making the garments. She was able to achieve that all while sticking to her ethics of recycling and not participating in the use of sweatshops.


Now, the devil might wear Prada, but that just means he got the opportunity to go to one of the most famous fashion capitals in the world: Milan. The Prada design house, led by creative director Miuccia Prada, has continuously produced fine leather goods since opening in 1913. Amongst other things, Italy is home to high-quality fabrics that stores like J.Hilburn are known for using. With a plethora of street style blogs like My Free Choice, keeping up with the latest trends has never been easier or informative. Men and women now roam the streets looking effortlessly chic and casual.

As Rachel Zoe said, “Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak” (Smith, 2014). So although these cities may be thousands of miles apart, speak different languages, have different cultures and traditions, or different beauty ideals, they all have one thing in common: the use of fashion as an expression of art, individuality and a way to tell their story.


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