Style Icon

by Danae Hughes

Throughout the last century a select few actresses and other celebrities have had the influence to set fashion trends that the public quickly followed and whose signature style is continually a source of inspiration to designers even today. These individuals are known in the fashion world as “Style Icons”; who posses some sort of intrinsic power to influence both in their time, and for years to come. In today’s post I will explore three icons from years past, who still hold sway in thoughts and minds today.

Beginning with the one and only Marlene Dietrich, a woman who exemplifies the term “sex appeal”. Starring in films such as Tragedy of Love, Morocco, and Der Blaue Engel, she played the actress, singer, and cabaret dancer throughout the 30’s and 40’s. Born in Berlin, Germany she eventually moved to America to develop her film career however, in the midst of World War 2 the Nazis approached Marlene about returning to her homeland but she refused. Her specialty was in her sensuality within androgyny played out in her loose fitting men’s suits worn in a time where cinched waists dominated fashion scenes. Since her time, designers such as Jason Wu have created lines especially inspired by her style for shows within 2012 fashion shows.

Though she didn’t sport the androgynous menswear of Dietrich, Jean Seberg’s boyish charm is still considered to represent a carefree coziness, which is perfect even for today. She began her fame as a young American actress before accusations into her monetary affairs led her to flee American film life, and eventually commit suicide due largely to unknown reasons. While her iconic style may live on, her tragic fate is swathed in mystery.

Little did you know, Ernest Hemingway is famous for more than his signature writings, but also for his lovely granddaughter, Margaux Hemingway. Margaux was a highly acclaimed actress and supermodel in the 1970s. She actually made history when she became the first supermodel to sign a million dollar contract with a perfume company. With stunning thick eyebrows and sun-kissed skin, she redefined beauty for women of the 1970s and lives as a grand reminder that it takes but one to change the minds of the multitudes.

The greatest question you must ask is how to take your admiration of these icons and channel it into our own wardrobes. From Marlene Dietrich, I suggest snagging your favorite comfy button up and blazer then pairing these with a fetal shade of red lipstick for your own brand of sensual androgyny. Where Jean Seberg is concerned, stock your closet with those ¾ length striped T-shirt’s and a great pair of boyfriend jeans. And to rock your version of Hemingway, play up your sun-kissed glow this summer, and maybe even let off those eyebrow waxing’s for a time, you might find you have a new statement up your sleeve!

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