The Song to My Wardrobe

Jasmine Miller

4I’d like to think I’m not the only person who’s ever  pondered about  the theme song of my life—the song that represents who I am and what I’m doing. . I’m also not ashamed to admit I’ve thought of it on various occasion at different points in my life. I’ve realized my theme song has evolved over the years; it’s ever-changing and moving with the times. Fashion is no different; the mood or theme of a season or collection is also ever changing and evolving along with the Zeitgeist or spirit of the times. But what’s the point? What do moods and themes have to do with fashion? Imagine mood and theme like the backdrop of a stage. The backdrop cues the audience how to feel and how to interpret what is being portrayed on stage.

1The first theme, Inclement, is all about embracing a new state of Zen. Something peaceful or invigorating can come from the pitter patter of rain hitting street pavements or your outside window. The dreaded gray clouds have now become a blanket of peace while the rain washes everything clean.  Inclement is a shift to clean lines that are also fluid like the rain.

Another backdrop on spring 2019 is Bountiful Botanicals. While Inclement embraces neutrals, Bountiful Botanicals welcomes color and tradition. Inspired by the English painter William Morris, nothing short of amazing, Bountiful Botanicals recognizes the value quality over quantity and colorful patterns. Bountiful Botanicals will be at the start of the end of minimalism; therefore Bountiful Botanicals is the perfect introduction of elaborate textiles and patterns because it is not too loud.

The final backdrop is called Delve. To delve means to look deep inside something and  discover that which is innovative and fresh. Delve is an excellent example of how the backdrop hasn’t changed but has evolved. Instead of a shift, Delve wants to explore the past and discover something new.  Finding inspiration from Parisian culture such as Roccio Montoya, a modernist artist, and Anouk Aimee, a French film star from the 1960s, Delve has explored and found something new in the classic glamour look. While taking a deeper look in the Parisian culture we embrace the details, but we don’t forget the bigger picture, the traditional look of beauty. With unexpected details, like fabric, structure, and patterns Delve is still pulled together to make a beautiful cohesive backdrop.

So how can you personally transform a stage background into your wardrobe? Simple. For Inclement, grab a solid-color top that has fluidity and pair with bottoms weather be a skirt or pants that have structured cleans lines. To incorporate Bountiful Botanicals into your wardrobe, find some dresses or tops that have fun colorful prints, and are be ready to spend a pretty penny because these garments will be will made to last. And lastly to tie in Delve, embrace your inner glamour by finding pieces that have intricate details like a dress with adornment around the neckline. Whether you theme song for Spring 2019 is the rain hitting pavements, flowers blooming, or a red carpet in Paris you wardrobe won’t skip a beat.

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