Show Your True Colors

by Kathleen Bean

Imagine you’re five years old again , playing contentedly on the playground when another kid comes up and asks the one question that can determine your future… “What’s your favorite color?” And then you say the same color that they love, and become instant best friends. While it doesn’t work quite like this for adults, colors play an important role in our everyday lives. Colors resonate feelings and help create an emotional connection, which is why they are so important in fashion. Just like in nature, colors in fashion change from season to season. With each new seasonal trend comes a new color palette that tells the story of the line and gives us an insight into a designer’s mood. Let’s take a look at some of the color stories predicted for Spring/Summer 2019.1

With the recent passing of legendary music and fashion icons, David Bowie and Prince, the  “Righteous ‘80s” are “like totally” making a comeback. This is where the blast from the past color palette from “[NOT so] HEAVY METAL” comes in. This palette is a mix of metallic and soft feminine colors. Silver, bronze, and gold colors like Revolt, Anarchy, and Insurgent will bring out your rebellious side, while softer colors Bliss and Cloud 9 will add that feminine touch and bring you back to this decade.3
Another theme predicted for the spring and summer of 2019 is “Celestial Awakenings,” which is sure to awaken your inner moonchild. This color palette includes colors from one end of the galaxy to the other with names based on  cosmi2c phenomenon. Black Hole darkens typical spring looks, while Moon Beam adds a burst of light within the dark. Other colors in the palette include Aurora Borealis, Muted Supernova, and Cosmic Dust, all of which will be crucial not only in apparel but accessories and within the home as well.


Even though we are accustomed to seasonal colors, the idea of “seasonless” colors are going to become important in the next few years. The musical sounds of UK band “Oh Wonder” inspires the next theme that shares its namesake and the concept of “seasonless” with a color palette that can transition from season to season. Colors of warm blues and peaches, accompanied by dusky greens tell the story of a 30-year-old living in the middle ground in that sweet spot between minimalism and maximalism. Muted tones like Shaded Bullet, Wet Rain, Bubble Gum Whip Cream, Toasted Sky, and Herb’s Vision represent simplicity and contentment.54

So now it’s your turn to tell a story. If you want to show off your rebellious side while still keeping it feminine, find a flowing blush pink top or dress and pair it with metallic accessories. If you do a little soul searching and want to tone it down, look to the stars and pair dark pants with a light colored top with pops of color. Or if you’re looking for colors to carry from season to season, find a lightweight jacket in a muted shade to top off your look no matter the weather.




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