Pattern Play

Madi Allen

1Pattern and textiles — the building blocks our clothes are built from. How clothes feel, how they fall and drape and what is printed on them all center on fabric choice. Spring/summer 2019 will be marked with plenty of silk, cotton, linen and leather. These textiles can be worn head-to-toe, or one of each. Patterns will range from simple geometric lines to wild florals based on the work of British artist William Morris. Predicted fashion Zeitgeists of the season help us navigate these patterns and textiles.

Drops of water fall onto the ground, the roof and the windows. “Plop… plop… plop…”  A car splashes through a puddle as people shuffle inside, huddled beneath their umbrellas. You look at the weather app on your phone and read the forecast, “Inclement,” it says. The season will be characterized by clothes reminiscent of this rainy day. Liquid-like silks embody the look of a blanket of rain on the harsh pavement. These silks may feature prints, such as a grid design or drippy water colors. Soft cotton knits made with artisanal yarns that will last for seasons to come will create dimension without rendering the garment unwearable in warmer weather. In addition to silk & knitwear, leather accents in both bold and neutral colors bring much needed structure and strength to a rather soft season otherwise.

In contrast to this rainy day, the resorts of Southern California provide inspiration for the second look of the season, Bountiful Botanicals. It’s easy to draw inspiration from not only the relaxed, luxurious SoCal lifestyle, but also the ocean, palms and terracotta housing. Vitamin C is all is all that’s missing from this resort-inspired look. Soft linen embodies a warm sand and chambray is the bright blue California sky. Both looks ideal for a relaxed day at the beach or lounging by the pool. Leather accessories will break up the look to avoid vacation overload and add a much needed bold accent to an otherwise head-to-toe resort wear look. To4 reflect California’s natural beauty, William Morris’ floral prints will do the trick. These patterns contrast loudly with the serenity of the sand, yet harmoniously work together to showcase everything resort life has to offer.

For the final look of the season, the contrast of masculine versus feminine is the ground it’s built on. Silk, cotton and linen make up this look decorated by polka dots, florals and toile. The busyness of the patterns will be balanced by the structure of the clothing to create Juxtaposition. Playful feminine patterns decorate sturdier menswear and the two create a harmony of style. Maximalism at it’s best.

Whether it’s weather, gender or art that inspire your look, it’s not hard to integrate these into your own wardrobe. Incorporate leather accessories via clutch purse, belt or clog style shoe. Don’t be afraid to mix and match prints — take a grid print, inspired by Inclement, and mix it with a William Morris-esque floral, this pattern play will tie nicely into the maximalism of Juxtaposition.



Grid Pattern:

William Morris blue leaves:


Green Silk:

Bright Florals:

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