Spring/Summer 2019 To-Buy List

Jennifer Butler

What did our mothers teach us about grocery shopping? “Always make a list and stick to it.” This is how you make sure you remember the essentials such as milk, bread, and chicken instead of coming home with chocolate, wine, and donuts.  The same thing is true with fashion, every season you should make your list and stick to it, to ensure that you have the essentials to always be in style.


Spring/Summer 2019 inspiration will come from all different places; from the moon and the stars to the streets of Paris and to city looks popularized by the fabulously-aging.  Celestial Awakenings brings out the carefree, nature loving spirit within all of us, with a shopping list that allows us to experience the natural world around us in a simple, effortless way. As we continue to look beyond Mars and escape the city hustle and bustle, Celestial Awakenings will stimulate your inner moonchild. This list allows you to travel from the moon to the stars by wearing dreamy fabrics that range from chiffon to leather.


Delve will allow you to explore the luxurious, artistic style found on the streets of Paris and is inspired by French actress Anouk Aimee.  Delve lets any woman be chic and glamorous by the simple addition of a classic clutch or an embellished jacket.  Whether you’re spending Spring 2019 picnicking under the Eiffel Tower or just picnicking in your own backyard, you will be sure to feel elegant and confident dressed in Delve.


Summer 2019 will also be a season of Advanced Style.  Now I know what you’re thinking, advanced style? That’s just a fancy way of saying old. Wrong. It actually means you’re wiser than everyone else when it comes to what is in style. So if you want to be advanced on the trends of Summer 2019, you will go buy big, bold prints, and bright colors.  These looks will stop traffic in a good way and with a confident walk and some daring accessories; you’ll look as if you know something no one else does.

So what’s on your shopping list if you are looking for a more celestial-inspired look? You should invest in a chiffon dress that will remind you of that flowy and carefree vibe you’re looking for.  I would also pick up a pair of barefoot sandals to help you connect with Mother Nature by feeling the grass right underneath you. If you are more daring and want a more unique look like Advanced Style, I would pick up some abstract separates and a citrus dress. These bold prints and unique lines will help you stand out in a good way in the Summer of 2019.  And lastly,

if you want a softer, European inspired look, Delve into a collage-print silk scarf or some tailored separates.  Pair these together and you’ll look as chic as a model walking the streets of Paris. No matter what look you’re aiming for, be sure to have your Spring/Summer 2019 to-buy list ready.




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