Pattern Power

By Charlene Liu

It’s September, and you know what that means…it’s time to turn our thoughts to fall fashion! This season, a diverse set of prints and patterns on the runways have been a strong move away from the minimalism of past seasons. For Autumn/Winter 2016/17, designers showed models wearing beautiful flowers, either in the form of one large single flower or in more intricate designs, and an exaggerated sense of drama this season ties all different uses of prints together. From the flash of the 1980s to a classic rock-infused look, the past is still an important reference for fashion designers. Designers are using colorful and brilliant prints to stand out to the younger market, and in the process are reshaping enduring trends with a contemporary twist. As we can see in magazines, on the runway and in stores, there of the prints which are the hottest for this season are animal prints, brocade prints and vintage floral prints.

789 I am so surprised and happy to see that animal prints are coming back strong since they are seasonless in my opinion, like neutrals. Since recent trends have been kind of clean, just adding a touch of animal print with some accessories would be eye-catching and make your whole look become more interesting. And the recent animal prints we’ve seen this season have been livened up with some bright colors and *bling* to create a younger style which has taken place of traditional animal prints. So use animal prints to show off your exotic style.

456From traditional damask wallpaper to tapestry, both interior décor and fashion for fall and winter 2016-2017 use these types of prints as inspiration. The link between fashion and interior décor has been around forever, and this season in fashion, decorative damask, brocade and floral wallpaper printing has merged with the metallic trend. A great historical look comes from prints inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, especially with the use of metal pearly tones has take the look to the next level.

123The last type of print which appear the most frequently are vintage floral prints, which bring back an antique style. Prints feature flowers scattered throughout against a dark background, which sets the florals off through negative spatial effects.

With so much chaos in the world today, are we looking to the past for comfort with an eye to the future in the form of these familiar prints with new twists? Whether in a runway show or on the street, you can see a variety of contrasts of prints, just like the contrasts in our world today. In this season, in order to liven up your fashion you can be a wild thing, take cues from inside the house on your own personal outside, or be as delicate as a flower at night, just choose a print appropriate to your own exclusive style. And don’t be afraid to let you be you!

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