Suit Yourself

By Gabriella Blunsen

222Nowadays if you see a man in a suit it can only mean two things; he’s coming from work or has an important event. If you ask any girl what a man looks best in I guarantee you the response will most likely be “in a suit”. A suit reflects power, importance and elegance, so why don’t more guys wear them? It’s our loss, but we’ll always have films. Movies are the best way to reflect the fashion of a certain time period; whether it be classical three piece suits, an iconic look that creates a new lifestyle brand or introducing people to a new style of suiting, movies have paved the way for the evolution of suits.


The Thomas Crown Affair set the style of the 60333s not only because of its leading star, Steve McQueen, but because it perfectly fused business and leisure looks for men. The lead actor is always clean cut and well put together whether he’s playing golf, relaxing or robbing a bank. He can be seen in classic three pieces suits during the day, even if he is not working, shocking, I know. His athletic clothing, which consists of quarter zip sweaters and perfectly pressed trousers, is considered “dressed up” in our day and age. Steve McQueen’s style is what every girl dreams to see her boyfriend wearing while on a date.

111When most people hear the term gigolo they don’t automatically think classy or elegant, but the movie American Gigolo definitely puts up a good fight. Richard Gere is stunning all on his own, but add a spectacular Armani wardrobe and you’ve got the perfect match. The deconstructed cuts of Armani suits and trousers made in different colours and flowing fabrics helped revive the suit. This movie also helped the Armani brand become what they are today. Just imagine packing your suitcase with all Armani. Flashing the brand onscreen as obviously they did, really helped Armani create the lifestyle brand that is still popular today. Even though his profession wasn’t exactly ideal, Richard Gere and Armani made it look pretty good.

555Numbers, money and the stock exchange are usually the first things that pop into your mind when you think of Wall Street, but what most people don’t realize is that it is also where some of the chicest trends have begun. I mean if you had all that money who wouldn’t spend it on clothes? The movie Wall Street made popular the stripped shirt with a white collar, also known as the Gekko shirt, which has been in style ever since. Power suits and red ties dominated the wardrobe as the characters fought for dominance in the stock room.

Suits elude power, elegance and help define a sophisticated man. They get their cue from the environment around them and can influence the time period. Movies help create classic styles as well as help reinvent something as simple as a shirt or a cut. Plus, who wouldn’t want casually wearing suits to make a comeback?


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Retail Detail

By Dorre Speer


Does hearing the term “three’s a trend” ring a bell? If so, what does it exactly does it entail? Trends are all around us, and the same trend often appears in more than one product category. In the fashion industry, if a trend shows up in at least three different product categories, it’s probably going to be a hit! Let’s look at some rising trends.

Taking a look at New555 York Fashion Week (or NYFW, for those in the know) for Fall/Winter 2016, it is evident that metallic colors such as gold, bronze, copper, and silver are big upcoming trends for the season. Gigi Hadid rocked a metallic gold midi-dress when walking in the Tommy Hilfiger show while skirts, dresses, tops, and pants with a metallic sheen or details were seen in other top designers’ shows such as Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabanna, Fendi, Tory Burch, and Saint Laurent.  However, this trend isn’t sticking to just apparel! Metallics have been popping up in other product categories such as jewelry, kitchen appliances, cars, nail polish, and in cosmetics as metallic eye shadows and lipsticks.

          111Fringe was the biggest trend at spring 2016 NYFW and this decorative detail is used on handbags, earrings, shoes, dresses, and jackets by designers like Rebecca Minkoff and Alexander Wang. Fringe is also being seen in home décor like decorative pillows. Tassels are in! We have seen tassel necklaces and earrings but this trend has extended into apparel wit222h sweaters and shorts, tassel sandals and high heels, key chains, and once again, in pillows. When any color or detail shows up on decorative pillows, you KNOW it’s a stinkin’ trend! Studs are also emerging as an embellishment trend and have been found on shoes for fall 2016 including those by COACH and Burberry. Studs are also found in apparel that you can incorporate into your wardrobe such as leather jackets and accessories like handbags and sunglasses.
333   The ‘back to nature’ trend first consists of  neutral colors such as blush or beige that are found in bedding and on blankets, scarves, and sweaters for the upcoming Fall/Winter 2016-2017 season. Raffia fabric is a material that is trending and can be found on beach bags and oversized sun hats. This material made its way to the runways in spring 2016 when it was shown in vests and pants, colored cover-ups, and even a trench coat. It also made its presence as the “wicker” look was 444seen in a Dolce and Gabanna handbag in Spring 2016, and here we go again….in decorative pillows! (Psst…it’s a trend!) Marble is a natural compound and marble patterns have recently been found in different product categories such as men’s shoes, phone cases, laptop covers, and even party balloons.

Taking all that we now know about trends and how they appear in different areas of our everyday life, take a look at the variety of items that you have been recently interested in. Are they “tending to be trending” and how do they relate to each other?!









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Reach For The Stars

By Brittany Keeton


We all look at celebrities for inspiration and have those few that are #Goals. The question is, ”Where do they get THEIR inspiration?” Well most celebrities fall into one of three fashion categories: innovator, leader and follower. Now, so you can keep it straight, innovators usually don’t draw inspiration from a certain person, they create trends and inspire others. Leaders follow the innovators’ lead, but bring lots of attention to the style. People watch them and wait for their approval, then copy what leaders do. Followers follow mainstream trends and are in style, but never ahead of the style game.

True innovators are hard to find these 111days but we found some iconic ones in Stevie Nicks and Siouxsie Sioux.  Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks was the bohemian queen who made the top hat trendy for women in the 70’s. Across the pond in the 80’s, Siouxsie Sioux was introducing the androgynous Punk vamp style.   Recent innovators that have shook up the pop culture world are Lady Gaga and Kanye West. From 2009-2014 Lady Gaga’s picture could have been next to the word outrageous in the dictionary. We all remember her meat dress she wore in 2010. Lady Gaga doesn’t care what people think. She lets her style define her. Kanye is creating ground-breaking trends in street wear with his Yeezy collection. He’s even making a sweatshirt a trendy item now.444

Fashion Leaders come into play next. The popular leaders today are Gigi Hadid, Alexa Chung and Olivia Palermo.  Gigi Hadid is the hottest  “It Girl” in the modeling industry right now. Every blog and website reported what she was wearing during fashion week. Alexa Chung and Olivia Palermo are always in the know and follow the trends just before they hit mainstream. Alexa Chung has friends in high places: she is a contributing editor at British Vogue and partnered with many brands, most recently with UGG serving as their art director. Olivia Palermo isn’t running low on the influential friends either. Olivia is a socialite and her style is constantly being watched. She is a real life Blair Waldoff.


On the topic of New York  “It Girls”, Taylor Swift is considered a fashion follower. She is always on trend but she isn’t ground breaking. I would describe her style as an edgy take on ‘Hamptons Prep’. Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens would fit in the follower category. Selena is wearing the latest trends but she isn’t the first to break the trend. Vanessa’s style is classic boho chic but you don’t see her in the style news much.

222Do you know what category you fall into?  Do you wish you were an innovator? Well step out of your comfort zone and start making statements with your clothing. Not that bold? That’s ok, draw some inspiration from your favorite celebrities and be the first in your friend group to rock a new look like Gigi and Alexa. Being a fashion follower is totally fine as well, it’s working well for T-Swift.









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