By Serra John


Oh 2016, what a year. We’ve lost and gained so much in this time. From the death of icon David Bowie at the start of it to Donald Trump being named President-elect at the end, we’ve experienced a reboot of civil rights protests and other cultural phenomenon 21st century style. 2016 has left quite a colorful impression on this world, As we move forward, in our lives and in our trends, it may seem that we are moving into a time warp. The next few years will mirror a time when culture expanded, and change was the only constant; the 60s. Life was as vivid as the psychedelic colors they wore.

In 2019, old will become new again and we will see a resurgence of retro colors. Inspired by the style of London’s Mods, there will be yellows, oranges, reds, and pinks. There will even be hints of green, purple, brown, blue, and grey as complements or accents. Edie Sedgwick was an heiress and member of Andy Warhol’s Factory that effortlessly charmed musicians and other Superstars with her colorful outfits in the 60s. Alongside her good friend, Andy Warhol, they gave us a wonderful gift of art through fashion and her movies.

Another cool chic from the swinging 60s is Jean Shrimpton. Considered one of the first supermodels, she was the embodiment of the Mod look of London. Our diverse color palette, will come in a less saturated tone or hue to capture that minimalism we adore so much. Similar to Jean Shrimpton, simplicity is key to stellar outfits and so many of these jewel tones will be paired with neutrals as well to create balance. Where you might see a Peacock Green trouser, there will be a Misty Mauve sweater somewhere near.

We’ve got time for one last 60s flashback icon: Twiggy. With her thick lashes and boyish cut, she represents the 60s in London. She was often seen in yellows and pinks with her intriguing shift dressed and flats. Working closely with Mary Quant, they launched “The Chelsea Look”, which had almost every girl of that decade rocking The Mini. Twiggy was another icon that revered simplicity alongside such vivid colors to produce a whimsical and fashionable look.

If you ever think the world is a crazy place, just remember we’ve been through this all before: the 60s was a time of chaos and confusion, but it led to some of the most forward-thinking fashion the world has ever seen, and those looks are as relevant today as they were then. How can you incorporated the signature styles of our three icons? Easy. Channel your inner Jean Shrimpton with a mustard a line skirt, paired with a black and white striped sweater. If you’re going for a Twiggy look, try a pink shift dress along with pointed leopard flats. Draw yourself a serious cat eye, and grab a funky accessory such as a green herringbone clutch to top it all off. So move those all black outfits to the side and color yourself crazy, you just might be the next icon.


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