The Style File


By Paige Cooper

333  555Today’s trendsetters aren’t the first to rock their looks, since contemporary style represents an evolution of fashion that was originally worn by previous style icons ranging from socialites, models and artists. These influencers are remembered for their deliberate-yet-effortless style and lasting influence. These icons have provided current designers, artists, bloggers, and trendsetters with an endless source of inspiration.

Long before Kate Moss, there was the original IT girl, Edie Sedgwick. She certainly
defined what it meant to have that good-girl-gone-bad aesthetic. She was known for her style, beauty, warmth and even troubled personal life. The essential ingredients behind her distinct style included her trademark eyeliner, mini mod dresses with sheer black tights, platinum blond111e pixie haircut and chandelier earrings. She was the leading starlet as Andy Warhol’s Youthquake muse, undeniably an icon in the 60s for her sharp, eccentric style.

For years, there was an era of voluptuous models until Jean Shrimpton came into the picture. As the face of “Swinging London” and its new mod scene, she brought the fashion world to a halt. This leggy British brunette broke the mold of modeling with her slender frame and understated style. Credited for popularizing the mini skirt in the 1960s, she paved the way for subdued colors and minimal design in fashion. On the opposite side of the spectrum was Diana Ross. Ross was unapologetically herself with her bold, embellished looks and her sultry silhouettes and plunging necklines. She certainly had no problem taking risks. She broke the mold for many African-American women to embrace their natural hair. In a way, she started to diminish any gender boarders through her unashamed wardrobe of men’s suits. Jean Shrim222pton and Diana Ross may not have had the same taste in fashion, but one thing was for certain: they were never afraid to break through the old standards of fashion and keep us moving forward.
No icon list would be complete without one of the greatest beauty and fashion muses to ever exist: Twiggy. She rose to fame with her thick eyelashes, mini skirts, shift dresses, and like Edie Sedgwick, a boyish pixie haircut. Instantly recognizable, she became the face of a decade over night with her doll-like style that has continued to make waves in fashion. She introduced an entirely fresh new look to the fashion industry and has
continued a lasting appeal with her iconic style.

444           It is safe to say that the 1960s was one of the dominating decades for the fashion world. Each of these icons has contributed their own signature style as an infinite source of inspiration that you too can incorporate into your own wardrobe. Maybe it’s time to try out one of those mini mod dresses with a pair of black tights. Or perhaps you’re ready to try a pixie hairdo and in need of some eyeliner to spice up your look. Just remember, behind every beauty trick and style trend that comes your way, there was a style icon that rocked it first.





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